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Grace of the Name

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I am the grace of the Name, the glory of wisdom illumining the saints, the crown of glorification and the throne of deification, communicating the mysteries of grace in the hallowed language of the Jerusalem Temple.  I am the hidden wisdom of glory that illumines the angelic hosts of heaven, the flaming presence surrounded with rainbow radiance, gazing out from… Read more »

Whisper of Presence

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The whisper of presence is unveiled in the silence of awareness when the breath of oneness dawns.  Whispering oneness of silent awareness, the breath of presence silently weaves oneness out of confusion.  Dreaming of awakening from the dream of forgetting does not awaken, whereas oneness of awareness and presence awakens to wisdom in glory.  Awareness coincides with presence, revealing wisdom coinciding with… Read more »

Incarnation and Deification

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Desert Hesychasm is called out from regulated convention into deification, which lives the mysteries of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ as direct revelation.   Christ restores seers to union with the Father in the Holy Spirit, incorporating saints into his incarnation, death and resurrection by grace, grace which is a charism of both speech and silence.  Prophecy is poetic… Read more »

Song of a Guardian Angel

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I am a guardian angel singing my Song, hallowing God’s Name at the heart of awareness, hallowing God’s saints at the heart of his presence.  I am witness to his ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence as your guardian angel, singing a Song of deifying Oneness in the heart of God.  You are usually too busy to listen, but my Song… Read more »

Song of the Name

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I am ‘I AM,’ the Name sings, singing the Song of one awareness ever-present, one presence ever-aware.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, uncreated light singing of uncreated glory, free of confusion and division and the conditioning that confuses and divides.  The Name sings: I have never not been aware and present, just as I… Read more »

Light of Love

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The heart of living Orthodoxy is alive in the light of love, renewing the tradition from within as vibrant joy.  Love of God is the way to God’s light of love, which is the reason elders transmit the mystical theology of the Song of Songs.  Without the light of love, Holy Orthodoxy shrivels up, reduced to its external forms and nominal… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The Name crowns saints by awakening the eye of the heart, enthroning the glorified heart in the temple of uncreated glory.  Glory crowns saints with God’s Name, fulfilling the mysteries of the temple throne and crown that realise God through recognition and remembrance.  Christ, the Great High Priest, enthrones and crowns his own with the truth of his Name, grafting his own… Read more »

Ecstatic Joy of Love

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The Name ‘I AM,’ ‘EHYEH,’ communicates the ecstatic joy of divine love, intimate union of God’s ‘I’ awareness with his ‘AM’ presence in the midst, unveiling love’s embrace of wisdom and glory as ecstatic joy, heavenly bliss and hallowing blessing.  The Gospel discloses bliss and blessing by bearing witness to this ecstatic union of love.   Love’s union of wisdom and glory is… Read more »

The Beloved Disciple’s School of Love

Desert elders, initiated in the Beloved Disciple’s School of love, continue to behold the Cross as the glory of love, not as penal substitution demanded by a punishing, feudal deity.  Some contemporary secular Christians prefer to identify this feudal monstrosity with Christianity in order, by rejecting it, to advocate their religionless spirituality of love.  But this was not the perspective… Read more »