Ever-aware, ever-present

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I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, ever aware in thee, ever-present to thee, my Name, Ha Shem, unveiling God to thee through me.  I am hidden in my Name so that, revealing me, my Name is not profaned or taken in vain by those who refuse to turn and see.  My Name invites them to turn but they do not see, to see, but they do not turn, for they are blind who deny they are blind.  Although the Name is priceless in its translucent lucidity, hard hearts do not see, because they refuse to turn.   I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, for uncreated awareness is always one with presence and uncreated presence with awareness.  There is no division in me, no confusion between thee and me, no intrusion between thee and me, no obstruction between thee and me.  Turn and I shall turn thee, see and you shall see me, giving back your intended theft of me so that I am thy God, as I shall always be.  My love of thee was never a loss to me because I am complete in what you think is loss, complete in the glory of my completeness everywhere.  Surrender your confusion with me and I will complete thee.  Give me back my presence in thee and I shall give you myself, the completeness of my glory restoring thee.  You safely abide, off-centre, where you were always meant to be, one spiritual energy with me, never usurping me.  I am the generous gift of my Name, delivering thee from delusion, restoring thee to glory, without confusion or division, by my grace.

Ever-aware, I am ever-present, never ceasing to be who I am:  HE WHO IS, WHO WAS AND WHO SHALL ALWAYS BE: ‘I AM,’ thy God, thy Beloved, thy secret Lover who is in search of thee.  When you turn, I turn; when you see, I see, for we are co-communing mutual companions from the beginning.  Created in my image, I am your original presence, aware of you as you are aware of me.  But when you fall from glory, you fall from grace, forgetting who you are, because you forget me.  Know thyself and you will remember me.  Know me, and you will discover me remembering thee.  There never was a time when you were dismembered and not remembered, because I am always ‘WHO I AM,’ remembering thee.  Turn and see, for here I am ‘I AM,’ always remembering thee.  Glory does nor cease to glorify the glorified, although falls from glory do cease to remember what glory knows.  Come and see!  I never cease to come, whilst my coming never ceases to be.  I am ecstatic remembrance, always ecstatically remembering thee.

Ever-present, I am always aware of you, even when you ascribe awareness to yourself, not me.  I sustain you in awareness, as I sustain you in being, even when you fall into delusion, having committed the primordial theft, having stolen for yourself what I was already freely giving thee.  When you turn, you see, for here I am, ‘I AM’ in the midst of thee.  Ever-aware, I am ever-present as your origin, your meaning and your completeness.  I am the Father, who is your origin, by grace, through the Son, who is the meaning of your being by grace.  I am the Holy Spirit, who is the completeness of your being in the glory of my grace.   I am not a distracted, thrice-numbered, divisive separateness but the One from whom, through whom, in whom you live and breathe, sustaining your being with the revelation of my completeness.  Ever-aware, I am ever-present, without confusion, without division.  To the rational eye, I am confusion, to the calculating eye, I am division, because confusion sees confusion, division sees division, each projecting itself out onto others, so that its confusion is denied, its division is displaced.  The solution is to turn, to turn profoundly into me, to see, to see wisely through my wisdom, for I am ‘I AM’ thy God, ever-aware and ever-present in thee.  Always present, always aware, I am ‘I AM,’ God’s Name, revealing God to thee, through me.  Turn and see!  My wisdom is my glory unveiled in thee.