Whisper of Presence

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The whisper of presence is unveiled in the silence of awareness when the breath of oneness dawns.  Whispering oneness of silent awareness, the breath of presence silently weaves oneness out of confusion.  Dreaming of awakening from the dream of forgetting does not awaken, whereas oneness of awareness and presence awakens to wisdom in glory.  Awareness coincides with presence, revealing wisdom coinciding with glory.  Heart of completeness completes incompleteness as glorification completing illumination, completeness of awareness conjoined with presence, unveiled in timeless glory.  The presence of completeness is only a whisper in this world, but is an angelic symphony in heaven.  The silence of awareness is inaudible in this world but is transfiguring chant among angel hosts.  The breath of oneness is overlooked in this world, but is the hallowing Spirit weaving oneness out of confusion and division in the glory of heaven   The dream world is sensitive to uncreated inspiration when it resonates with the uncreated imagination.  It listens to the whisper of presence as it is unveiled in the silence of awareness, so that the breath of inspiration is completed in the Spirit of uncreated light.

Whispering presence not only unveils uncreated light, but reveals uncreated glory in the heart of light.  Whispering oneness breathes in the Holy Spirit as it silently weaves oneness out of confusion and division.  Dreams become visions when the Spirit is active in the night, but not all dreams are visions and not all visions are dreams.  Whispering presence has many secrets, secrets that remain mysteries, even when revealed.  Stillness  tends these mysteries and opens them to the insights of silent awareness.  Solitude shares them with countless hosts of deified angels, listening to what they have to say, even when ineffable.  The mysteries of completeness are inherently ineffable, so are rarely heard or pondered on earth, although they belong to the shared language of heaven.  The mysteries of glory appear peripheral on earth, although they are the principal subjects of communication in heaven.  What hides as a whisper on earth, is announced and universally accepted in heaven.  The desert is the place of purifying illumination that welcomes heaven on earth by hallowing the Name on earth, as it is already hallowed in heaven.

The oneness of awareness and presence is dazzling bright in heaven, although it is all but overlooked on earth.  Angels try to remind us what truly matters in heaven, but are rarely heard, rarely even noticed on earth.  Shallow nihilism and narrow materialism close hardened hearts to the whisper of presence and the insight of awareness, causing a global sclerosis that fails to recognise the mysteries of oneness that hold everything together.  Whispering presence, if heard, cures this sclerosis, purifying and illumining the eye of the heart.  Elders and saints are gathered with archangels and angels in the communion of whispering presence, sustained by the insight of wisdom, renewed by the hallowing of glory.  Suddenly, silent awareness conjoins with transfiguring presence, as the breath of oneness makes all things new.   All things come full circle in the completeness of glory that completes our incompleteness, caught up, as it is, in the narrows of space and time. Timeless glory communicates God’s glorification of God in Holy Trinity, completing the shallows and narrows of our incompleteness.   A whisper of presence calls awareness to re-unite with presence, revealing the mysterious oneness of wisdom and glory at the heart of the Name, unveiling the glory of ineffable completeness on earth, as it is timelessly unveiled in heaven.