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Grace and Glory

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Wisdom remains hidden whilst purification is curing pride, but is revealed when illumination begins to heal the confusions of pride and divisions of vainglory.  Self-condemnation to hell without despair condemns pride to hell and so is actually the initial unveiling of the energy of uncreated light, curing pride and opening wisdom to glory purified of vanity.  Grace takes this form… Read more »

Pride and Grace

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When pride arose, Saint Silouan the Athonite was given self-condemnation to hell without despair, initiating Saint Sophrony the Hesychast into holy self-hatred with trust in the grace of the Name to save.  From the perspective of negative asceticism, wisdom appears to be pride and is condemned together with pride.  Whilst pride is arising, wisdom is indeed providentially hidden and so are… Read more »

Wisdom steps back and stands steadfast

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Standing back from the incompleteness of life’s strains and stresses, wisdom turns and sees the glory of timeless freedom in the hallowed realms of union and communion.   Anxiety resists hallowing communion but dissolves when union weds time with timeless wisdom, releasing illumination into glorification.  Prophecy regenerates the imagination with new ways of telling old stories, whilst prayer of the… Read more »

Wisdom of Christ

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The wisdom of Christ holds everything together, including the paradox of time and the timeless.  Christ is divine-human, so his wisdom is uncreated yet also created, curing confusion whilst healing division.  Gathering what was scattered, wisdom discerns the glory of grace, integrating apparently exclusive opposites.  The story is dialectical when it discerns the unfolding of divine-human coherence in time, but paradoxical… Read more »

Hagioritic Tome

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The Hagioritic Tome (1340) of Saint Gregory Palamas bears witness to the experience of purification, illumination and glorification that inspires Hesychast saints, insisting that the light of purifying illumination and glorification is uncreated because God’s energies of light and glory are uncreated.  The noetic awareness of the heart is transfigured with uncreated light and deifying glory, opening hearts to the… Read more »

Saint Antony on Self-knowledge

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Saint Antony the Great, in his Letters from the desert, teaches that he who knows himself, in the Holy Spirit, knows God (Chitty, Letter 4 SLG  p 12), for to know oneself without confusion is to know God without division.  We are all members, one of another, in the Spirit, praying ‘Abba, Father,’ in Christ, because the Spirit proceeds from… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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Nobody can visually perceive God objectively in the world but theoria turns and sees the glory of God’s reign, initiating seers into the mysteries of contemplative vision by awakening the eye of the heart.  For Hesychast saints, theoria is the indispensable and quintessential opening, beyond the visible heavens, into the invisible mysteries of wisdom and glory, the revelation of God’s Name that… Read more »

Way of the Name

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Christ’s way of the Name is ineffable, transcending all names and ways that are means to an end, liberating temporal incompleteness into timeless completeness.  The Spirit communicates the mysteries of Christ as quintessential truth, imparting glorification as wisdom’s timeless way of life.  Dazzling darkness opens heaven on earth, piercing the heart, communicating the incommunicable, revealing what was veiled without destroying the… Read more »

Reifications of Wisdom

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Wisdom releases her reifications by liberating the intelligence, the will and the emotions to abide in the timeless freedom of God’s presence.  Hells of separation are freed in union with heavens of infinite grace.  Extinguishing deception, delusion is extinguished by the Spirit of truth, freeing all things in uncreated light, transfiguring all things in uncreated glory.  Hearts are freed in… Read more »

Wisdom makes all things new

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Wisdom makes all things new, always beginning again anew; indeed, the glory of wisdom’s grace is always doing something new, beginning anew, trustworthy and true, creating new heavens and a new earth (Rev 21:5; Isaiah 43:19 & 66:17).  This is who Christ is, wisdom renewing creation in glory, sending the Spirit to impart wisdom, restoring the abundant completeness of ineffable… Read more »