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Dark Nights of dazzling Glory

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For those who experience the dark night of glory as a teenager, darkness of unknowing dazzles early, leaving a life-time of paradox, where affirmation is negation and negation is affirmation.  Of course, there are the usual temporal unfoldings in one’s twenties and timeless awakenings in one’s thirties, but these contrasts and changes gradually turn into an increasingly steady abiding in… Read more »

Recognition and Remembrance of God

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Deifying recognition unveils the mysteries of the remembrance of God in the oneness of deifying glorification.  The Father is the ground of this oneness of wisdom’s uncreated awareness in recognition and the uncreated presence of glory in remembrance, communicated through the Son and assimilated in the Holy Spirit.  Division of good from evil is not willed by God but nevertheless… Read more »

Listening to the Logos

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Desert elders listen to the Logos that names the Name, wisely agreeing that in the Name, glory unifies difference as hallowing union unveiling ineffable oneness.  Elders know that in difference there is no division and that in communion there is no confusion.  They know this in Christ, in whom there is difference but no division, communion but no confusion.  In the Logos,… Read more »

Trusting wisdom’s recognition

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Elders do not trust themselves but in wisdom’s recognition of God present and aware in his Name.  The Holiest of Holy Unions at centre in the midst cannot be grasped conceptually or analysed logically without degenerating into reifications which seduce the unconfused into confusion and the indivisible into division.  Seers live from the mysteries of this union but do not presume to… Read more »

Wisdom of the Cross

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Wisdom in desert Hesychasm listens to the Logos of the Cross in the light of the Logos of prophecy in prophets such as Isaiah and of the Logos of wisdom in sages such as Heraclitus and in Scripture such as the Logos in the Johannine Prologue.  When wisdom is listening to the Logos of the Cross, it is a principle of deconstruction, deconstructing… Read more »

Timeless wisdom: transcending yet including time

The Holy Name unveils the uncreated luminous clarity of uncreated deifying awareness in God the Holy Trinity.  Wisdom sees with enlightened awareness the uncreated glory of deifying presence.  For wisdom, it is God’s timeless God-centred glorification of God that is decisive, not our temporal ways and means toward God from without.  It is not that temporal ways and means are… Read more »

Purification of the Heart

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Awakening of the eye of the heart purifies the heart with limpid clarity, clarifying awareness with luminous lucidity.  A pure heart is an illumined heart, awakened by the Spirit to the luminous eye of wisdom, wisdom that abides in the luminous presence of uncreated glory in the midst.  The Syrian Oriental Orthodox tradition speaks here of luminosity (shaphyuta), which Saint Ephraim… Read more »

Wisdom logic of no confusion, no division

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‘No confusion: no division,’ does not define the indefinable but indicates a healthy openness between unity and difference which Christ the Logos communicates in the desert.  Wisdom neither asserts nor denies but leaves these two signs or indications, pointing the way to avoid the degeneration of union into confusion or the disintegration of communion into division.  The ethos which the divine-human… Read more »

Hidden Wisdom of Heraclitus

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The hidden wisdom of Heraclitus lies concealed within the Logos that the desert welcomed home at the heart of its mortal, immortal life, dying its life and living its death in the paradoxes of the divine-human Logos.  Gnomic wisdom tradition in the desert revered wisdom that hearkened to the Logos, not only because wisdom IS the Logos awakening the heart… Read more »

Wisdom Logic of Heraclitus

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Heraclitus said that wisdom discerns the Logos that directs all through all (Heraclitus 34).  Listening to the Logos, desert wisdom remembers the One in all, gathering all into remembrance of the One in everything.  Truth, a-lethia, is un-forgetting that un-conceals the Logos of glory from scattering dissipation, recollecting what unites in whole remembrance, anamnesis.  But like the Delphic Oracle, ‘Know Thyself,’ Heraclitus… Read more »