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Golden Crowning

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Turning the light of awareness round awakens golden crowning, illumining awareness in the heart.  Heaven and earth unite in uncreated light, opening to uncreated glory. Illumination purifies the heart, revealing glory to the eye of wisdom.  The reign of glory first appears to be within us, but the glory of wisdom reveals the completeness of golden crowning everywhere, embracing everything…. Read more »

Recollected Light

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Turning the light of awareness round recollects uncreated light at centre, recognising the uncreated energy of glory in the Holy Spirit.  Pure being awakens within uncreated non-being when glory awakens, recollecting uncreated light.  The pearl of great price shines in the midst, turning awareness round to unite with God’s presence in the heart.  Tongues of fire speak clearer than words, renewing creation… Read more »

Infinite Openness

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Wisdom abides in the glory of infinite openness which is the mind of Christ in which the Spirit abides.  The Spirit does not waver from the mind of Christ, or dither between dualities but centres  where Christ is perfect freedom.  The glory of Christ is expansive openness, free from confusion and division, dissolving confusion into union, healing division with communion…. Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom liberates the uncreated energies of glory with freedom, hallowing the Name with every breath, inspiring every action and reaction with unrestricted freedom.  Stillness permeates inspired action because in glorification, it is the Spirit who is truly active, deifying the body whose actions do not then merely react with material conditioning.  Wisdom is unfettered and free of confusion, undivided by worldly… Read more »

Realm of the Name

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God’s realm of the Name is free of confusion and division, so frees the heart from confusion and division by purification and illumination, sustaining glorification.  Since, in God, there is no confusion, indivisible union is timelessly present, spontaneously purifying the heart.  Freedom is valued not because there are regimes that poison and imprison those who resist oppression, but because God’s… Read more »

Hallowing the Name

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The Word names the hallowing Name, revealing the glory of the Father, through the wisdom of the Son in the peace of the Holy Spirit, unveiling God’s blessed Reign in his Name.  Hallowing the Name, Kiddush haShem, sanctifies saints who die to death before they die, rise from the dead to ascend in uncreated light, glorified by the uncreated grace of the… Read more »

Joy of Grace

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Joy loves grace in the hearts of martyrs who suffer in Christ’s Holy Name and who witness to the knowledge of the Most High, sealed with mystery since before the foundation of the world.  Red martyrdom sheds blood that flows into the redemptive blood of Christ, whilst white martyrdom rejoins the uncreated light of Christ, both of them aware that uncreated life is… Read more »

Simple Wisdom

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There is no confusion for simple wisdom, no division for wholesome glorification. Wisdom is simple in the midst of purified awareness, indivisible at the heart of enlightening presence.  Obscuration dissolves when awareness turns, because obstructions are extinguished by the surrounding flame of the paradise Name. Wherever awareness turns, wisdom sees a heavenly earth wedded to an earthly heaven.  Heaven regenerates… Read more »

Wisdom function of Elijah

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The wisdom function of Elijah, according to the Prophet Malachi, is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, welcoming the coming day of the revelatory Name (Mal 3:22-24).  Elijah’s ultimate concern is the renewal of sacred tradition, awakening hearts to the Name.  The prophet’s own name reveals God… Read more »

Throne and Crown

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The throne of glory symbolises the deification of the three centres beneath the heart, survival, security and control, whilst the crown symbolises the deification of the three centres above the heart, speech, single eye and crown, also called halo of glory. The holy rite of coronation also includes a golden orb and sceptre, because crowning places the cross over the hallowed earth… Read more »