Holy Apostle John

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The Holy Apostle John gave us the Fourth Gospel, three epistles and the Book of Revelation, handing on the wisdom and witness of the Beloved Disciple. ┬áThe Church’s first hymn book, the Odes of Solomon, comes from the same circles if not directly from the Beloved Disciple, stemming from the wisdom of deifying glorification.

The feast of Saint John the Apostle on September 26th remembers with gratitude the decisive Apostolic witness of the Beloved Disciple (John 21:24), whose wisdom inspires the whole Christian tradition, bequeathing mysteries of dazzling glory through baptismal turning, chrismating illumination and deifying glorification.

Johannine prophecy continues to renew the holy tradition in many ineffable ways, handing on mystical theology to all who are willing to receive it, inviting seers to join with saints in hearing mystical prophecy that renews prayer of the enlightened heart, awakening glorification with uncreated wisdom.

Feast of the Holy Apostle John, 1st century