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Integral Orthodox Wisdom

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Orthodox Christian tradition is not defined by its ethnocentric politics nor by the reactionary fundamentalism that narrows its conventional shallows into sectarian nationalisms.  True Orthodoxy is right-glorification of God the Father, by God the Son, in God the Holy Spirit, glorification which glorifies the saints who awaken to wisdom’s vision of glory in the Kingdom of God.  Ethnocentrism is not definitive in Orthodoxy because… Read more »

Sanctuary of Peace

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The awakened heart is a sanctuary of peace, a place of joy, a cave of mysteries and home of glory where shadows flee and darkness dazzles.  The heart rejoices in the beauty of its King whose glory fills his Kingdom with boundless love, whose face unveils glory to the saints.  Abidng in the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber, elders weep for all… Read more »

Pentecost and Glorification

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Pentecost transmits glorification but glorification is ineffable, so the symbols and icons that communicate its mysteries are not rational concepts, although reason may play a humble part in communicating them.  If the ineffable ‘words’ of revelation are confused with words of Scripture, the literal usurps the spiritual and uncreated energies of glory are shut out.  Elders constantly remind the saints not to confuse God with concepts of God.  Although… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom can mean many things in the schools, but in the desert, glory’s love of wisdom unveils ineffable mysteries that are never divulged as shallow gossip but preserved with wonder in stillness.  Wisdom is loved by glory, her divine beloved, because wisdom hallows the Name which reveals God’s glory in the Holy of Holies.  The Father reveals his glory through the Son… Read more »