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Love of my life

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Glory be to thee, O Christ, love of my life, overcoming my death by your death, resurrecting my death in your life, ascending my light through your light, descending as glory from your glory, glorifying my brokenness with ineffable light.  Glory to thee, Father of light, generating light from light in the night of my life, light of turning, light… Read more »

Uncreated Light

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When the light of awareness turns around, uncreated light purifies the heart, unifying the energies of earth and heaven.  Uncreated light arises in the midst of created energies, generating the body of light in uncreated light.  The light body is born in the material body when the fire of the Spirit reveals the pearl of great price.  Heaven and earth unite… Read more »

Hypostatic Dimensions

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Christ reveals himself to be wisdom, sending the Spirit unveiled in wisdom, restoring glory to the Father.  The Father’s Name reveals wisdom and glory through the Son, imparted to saints in the Holy Spirit, unveiling hypostatic dimensions of God the Holy Trinity.  Hypostatic dimensions are not confused with dimensions of uncreated energy, but neither are they divided from them.  Once again, there is union… Read more »

Silent Stillness

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Silent stillness reverberates with ineffable words and numbers, richly adorned with multi-textured glory, shimmering with multiple-dimensional oneness and openness.  The practice of completeness hallows the Name with wisdom’s discernment of glory in every breath, beholding the body of rainbow light reflecting and refracting the uncreated body of ineffable glory.  It is not that the material body ceases to manifest in the three dimensions of… Read more »

Ineffable Openness

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Wisdom unveils ineffable openness when turning turns and seeing sees, opening the three dimensions of space, (length, breadth and height), into the fourth dimension of ineffable awareness, opening within the fifth dimension of ineffable presence, revealing the sixth, ineffable oneness, unveiling the seventh dimension, ineffable openness. The fourth dimension of awareness is wisdom’s hidden mystery, revealing the fifth dimension of glory within the… Read more »

Ineffable Oneness

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Ineffable Oneness is not destroyed by the generation of the Son, because ineffable twoness is generated within the unbroken reign of the Father’s Oneness, not outside it, and because the procession of the Spirit from the Father unveils the ineffable three as Holy Oneness generating God from God as the Father, God with God as the Son, proceeding from God as… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The Eye of the Heart is single, unwavering in its undivided simplicity, when wisdom is unobstructed and glory is unconfused.  Grace is glorious in the beauty of its holiness, untroubled by confusion, free from division in its awareness of the Spirit’s liberating presence.  Heaven embraces earth as a heavenly earth united with an earthly heaven, when wisdom dispels delusion and illusion releases into… Read more »

Ineffable Number

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Just as the Apostle Paul speaks of hearing ineffable words in the paradise of the third or highest heaven (2 Cor 12:4), so desert wisdom discerns ineffable number in paradise, unveiling the primordial dimensions of the Holy of Holies hidden at the heart of the heaven of heavens.  Oneness generates the second when the Father generates the Son, whilst a third proceeds from… Read more »

Spirit of Wisdom

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The Spirit of wisdom reveals the uncreated glory of grace with unconditioned freedom, transcending conditioned ways and means with uncreated openness.  Wisdom and glory bear witness to co-inherent union, revealing unconditioned communion of elders and saints, but this mystery of infinite glory is hidden until wisdom is unveiled by the Holy Spirit in illumined glorification.  Pentecost completes Good Friday and Holy… Read more »

Spirit of Glory

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The Spirit of glory prays without ceasing in the midst, interceding in ineffable words of uncreated love and mercy, revealing that the throne of grace is a mercy seat standing under all verbal, audible prayers.  Revealed by Christ, in human words, this ineffable prayer is called the ‘Lord’s Prayer,’ and is known to all whilst its ineffable scope and efficacy remains hidden as the… Read more »