Ineffable Number

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Just as the Apostle Paul speaks of hearing ineffable words in the paradise of the third or highest heaven (2 Cor 12:4), so desert wisdom discerns ineffable number in paradise, unveiling the primordial dimensions of the Holy of Holies hidden at the heart of the heaven of heavens.  Oneness generates the second when the Father generates the Son, whilst a third proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, beyond numerical dissipation.  The completeness of three unveils Ineffable number revealing three uncreated persons co-inhering as one indivisible God, generating not the sterile oneness of mathematical zero that spewns nihilism, but the ineffable number of uncreated, creative oneness, revealing three hypostatic Ways of Being God, God the Holy Trinity.  The symbolic point becomes the symbol of the infinite circle with the deifying mystery of the Oneness of Three.  The uncreated circle of three wondrously creates creation with the revelation of the ineffable four, the four-square creation of four elements, four directions of space, four seasons, four winds of the Spirit and many fourfold mysteries of creation.  The ineffable five expresses the quintessence of everything created, the etherial quintessence symbolised by the pentagram, extending four into five, creation into its quintessential essence, whose symbol is the fivefold star.  The ineffable six completes creation with the six days of primordial creation before it rejoins the mysteries of the ineffable seven, the primordial Sabbath, the seventh day of ineffable creation, the revelation of the glory of heaven and earth, the enfolding of rest in ineffable completeness.

Wisdom is uncreated in her sevenfold ineffability, resounding as ineffable numbers as well as ineffable words, expressing uncreated revelation, communicating ineffable glory among saints.  The ineffable number eight is the number of timeless glory, the eighth day, opening to the ineffable glory of nine, ten and eleven, unveiling the consummate completeness of twelve, transcending numerical proliferation.  Whilst seven is the number of ineffable completeness, twelve is the number of the consummate completeness of ineffable completeness.  Binary dualism cannot conceive ineffable oneness or any of its numerical mysteries because it degenerates into divisive monism, spawning divisive dualism, unable to cure its confusion because rationalistic monism falls into dualism and dualism into monism, failing to cure the many speculative heresies of monism and dualism.  Desert wisdom holds steady at centre in Thrice-Holy ineffability, without deviating into monism or disintegrating into dualism, liberating paradoxical  extremes from any kind of divisive extremism.  Wisdom discerns the ineffable glory of grace without degenerating into the heresies of confused words or divisive concepts, without tearing primordial number from the wholesome openness of primordial ineffability.  Glory purifies and illumines the heart without fixating on divisive extremes, without reducing ineffable number to disastrous heresies.  Heresies are the fatal consequence of degeneration into divisive extremism, seducing wisdom into sterile rationalism and glory into lifeless reification.  Shallow subjectivism declares war on narrow objectivism, turning Holy Orthodoxy into a war of warring enemies, each a parody of itself, hopelessly unable to save itself from itself.

Wholesome wisdom is spontaneously both holy and effortlessly Orthodox, free of fear’s terror of heretical extremes.  Fear falls from grace by falling short of glory, destroying ineffable co-inherence, whereas love embraces uncreated glory by uniting the uncreated with the created in Christ, attuned to the Spirit’s wise embrace of ineffable number.  Wisdom and glory are uncreated energies uniting with created energies without confusion, communicating communion of uncreated and created energies without division.  The reason glorification is ineffable is that deification was always inherently ineffable, sharing union without confusion, inspiring communion without division, spontaneously freeing hearts from divisive heresies.  Co-inherence without confusion regenerates co-communion without division, freeing wisdom to practice God-centred attention that purifies and illumines the heart, sustaining ineffable glorification of the Holy Name.  Ineffable number conjoins with ineffable words as glorification way beyond monistic or dualistic fixations.   Love of wisdom loves to practice wisdom by hallowing the Holy Name, releasing the proud neglect of wisdom from endlessly degenerating into dissipating distraction. Wisdom beholds glory anew in every moment, practicing timely attention, which is wisdom’s timeless awareness of glory’s timeless presence, hearing ineffable words, unveiling ineffable number.