Eye of the Heart

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The Eye of the Heart is single, unwavering in its undivided simplicity, when wisdom is unobstructed and glory is unconfused.  Grace is glorious in the beauty of its holiness, untroubled by confusion, free from division in its awareness of the Spirit’s liberating presence.  Heaven embraces earth as a heavenly earth united with an earthly heaven, when wisdom dispels delusion and illusion releases into truth.  Grace saves but is trusted only when it is lived as liberating freedom.  Wisdom songs communicate wisdom’s rest in peace in the ineffable beauty of holiness, dispelling delusions of division with indivisible union, curing chaotic confusion with co-inherent communion. The Beloved Disciple loves because her love is wholly beloved, beholding what is below as that which is above, dissolving what was below into what is above.  A divided mind doubts because it wavers, disputes because it dithers, unable to live the wholeness of wisdom with the communion of glory.  Suffering ensues, as delusive mirages close in, until the Cross of glory overcomes powers of delusion with joy and freedom.

The single eye of the awakened heart dispels confusion as it undoes distraction, curing imagined splits by seeing through delusory divisions.  Glory surrounds uncreated light wherever it turns, remembering God with deifying remembrance, for as above, glory spontaneously embraces everything below.  There is no trace of division where wisdom abides in glory, as above so below.  Evil has no substance when the light of glory reigns. Heaven and earth are one with the oneness that unites visible with invisible glory. Uncreated light unites created energies along Christ’s axis of glory in the midst.  Grace is truth when glory reigns.  When fulness of grace weds the Spirit of truth, completeness of glory sings.  Realisation of glory purifies and illumines hearts so as to cure confusion and heal division.  Capacity for light increases capacity for glory with every breath, empowering light with glory.  Stillness indwells glory by abiding in God at centre everywhere.

Wisdom showers grace with glory, unveiling the uncreated face of glory by revealing the glory of grace as she graciously smiles.  The Holy Spirit prays unceasingly for awakening to the reign of glory, invoking the Holy Name that all may be saved. Realised glorification comes to rest here in the Spirit’s unceasing prayer for all, awakening hearts to uncreated light of ineffable glory.  The Spirit abides before the unveiled face of glory without wavering, restoring falls from glory by indwelling incompleteness with God’s gracious completeness.  Incompleteness transforms into completeness by virtue of the glory of grace, but without wisdom there is no discernment.  The single eye of the awakened heart bears unceasing witness to the glory of grace.  The prophecy of prayer interpenetrates the heaven of heavens as well as the lowest earthly depths, reverberating with the ineffable words of Christ the Word.  Thrones are winged when the crown sings with efficacious prophecy and effective prayer.   The eye of the heart is lowly and humble as it soars above fear in its unselfish glorification of God.