Ineffable Oneness

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Ineffable Oneness is not destroyed by the generation of the Son, because ineffable twoness is generated within the unbroken reign of the Father’s Oneness, not outside it, and because the procession of the Spirit from the Father unveils the ineffable three as Holy Oneness generating God from God as the Father, God with God as the Son, proceeding from God as God the Holy Spirit.  The reign of glory is the Father’s Oneness generating completeness of two as three, baffling the rational, conceptual mind as it tries to think Holy Trinity, revealing healthy difference without descending into division, unveiling wholesome Oneness without degenerating into dissipated confusion.   Various quaternities pretend to complete the uncreated three with four, such as the fourth hypostasis of wisdom that Bulgakov never taught and the quaternity of Jung that completed Christ with his shadow, making God four.  Both quaternities were obvious heresies that failed to see that the uncreated three is already ineffable completeness, uncreated completeness that being creative, creates four, the ineffable fours of creation, foursquare space, four directions, four elements, four seasons, four winds and all the rest.  The ineffable five makes explicit the ineffable Oneness of four by unveiling its quintessence, ether, the quintessential etherial element expressing Oneness once again, but including four as five.  The ineffable six regenerates heaven on earth and earth in heaven, revealing Oneness once again, but this time ‘as above, so below,’ the Star of David, the hexagram’s six, symbol of the Bridal Chamber and the Song of Songs.

The ineffable seven, three plus four, expresses ineffable Oneness once again as all wisdom’s ineffable sevens, as the sevens of glory that complete incompleteness with the completeness of ineffable glory.  Seven completes four with uncreated three, revealing the ineffable Oneness of the uncreated throughout creation, multiplying four by the uncreated three, revealing the ineffable twelve.  Biblical prophecy loves the ineffablility of seven and twelve as ineffable Oneness revealing Oneness as timeless completeness, completing temporal incompleteness with integral completeness. Ineffable wisdom embraces ineffable glory in the Holy of Holies, revealing the Bridal Chamber as an all-embracing Song of Songs.  Ineffable Oneness unifies the Name when awareness falls into delusion, dividing awareness from presence, wisdom from glory. The reign of the Name is the realm of glory wedding wisdom, unifying presence of glory with presence of wisdom, presence with awareness.  Oneness ineffably reigns in glory, enabling wisdom to regenerate creation anew in every moment.

Timeless completeness completes temporal incompleteness in ever-present wisdom, regenerating everything created in the glory of the hallowed Name.  The Lord’s Prayer reveals far more that the words of a prayer when it unveils the ineffable glory of timeless completeness, regenerating four with seven, regenerating seven with the ineffability of twelve.  Numbers turn right round to reveal the ineffable glory of timeless completeness as seven and as twelve.  Ineffable numbers, like ineffable words, have an ineffable capacity to regenerate glory with wisdom, hallowing the Name so uncreated glory reigns.  What the Lord of glory prayed, the Spirit of Truth prays in angels and saints.  The Thrice-Holy Three is ineffable Oneness turning created fours into a quintessential five by revealing ineffable Oneness, unveiling multiple sixes before they come to rest as seven.  The Book of Revelation reveals what Christ saw when he turned to see as he was seen, but also what the Spirit sees when he turns to see Christ enthroned on earth as in heaven.  The Beloved Disciple amazes saints as they turn to see what Christ sees, by turning to see what the Spirit sees, Christ seated on the throne of grace, expressing infinite mercy.  Ineffable Oneness reveals as it is revealed, in the Spirit, through Christ, restoring glory to the Father by unveiling ineffable Oneness in all ineffable numbers from one to twelve and beyond.