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Love in abundance

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Awakening to wisdom opens the heart to glorification of God in his Name, unveiling the ineffable abundance of love concealed in the glory of the Name, the uncreated grace of deification which shares God with all.  This revelation of love’s glory far outshines all that can be grasped or conceived, filling saints to overflowing, expanding them from glory to glory.  Love’s intimate glory… Read more »

Name and Glorification

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The Name unites awareness with the presence of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart, deifying the children of God by grace, glorifying the Father through the Son.  The Name crowns awareness with the presence of uncreated light, enthroning the heart in the presence of uncreated glory, empowering glorification.   Indwelling Christ, saints first become seers in the Spirit, unveiling the face of… Read more »

Love’s Glory

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I crown all who turn and see my presence in the midst, imbibing the Spirit of Truth with every breath, illumining the eye of the heart with the uncreated light of love’s glory.  The fulness of my completeness blesses seers and saints with uncreated grace, sharing the glory of my love with you as you glorify me with your whole-hearted… Read more »

Light of Love

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The heart of living Orthodoxy is alive in the light of love, renewing the tradition from within as vibrant joy.  Love of God is the way to God’s light of love, which is the reason elders transmit the mystical theology of the Song of Songs.  Without the light of love, Holy Orthodoxy shrivels up, reduced to its external forms and nominal… Read more »

Ecstatic Joy of Love

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The Name ‘I AM,’ ‘EHYEH,’ communicates the ecstatic joy of divine love, intimate union of God’s ‘I’ awareness with his ‘AM’ presence in the midst, unveiling love’s embrace of wisdom and glory as ecstatic joy, heavenly bliss and hallowing blessing.  The Gospel discloses bliss and blessing by bearing witness to this ecstatic union of love.   Love’s union of wisdom and glory is… Read more »

The Beloved Disciple’s School of Love

Desert elders, initiated in the Beloved Disciple’s School of love, continue to behold the Cross as the glory of love, not as penal substitution demanded by a punishing, feudal deity.  Some contemporary secular Christians prefer to identify this feudal monstrosity with Christianity in order, by rejecting it, to advocate their religionless spirituality of love.  But this was not the perspective… Read more »

Name of Glory

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Blessed is the Holy Name of glory that unveils God in the midst, purifying and illumining the heart, uncovering hidden heavens of uncreated wisdom, restoring the glory that underlies all worlds.  The Father of glory grounds us in Christ through revelation of his Name, sharing the luminous mysteries of his ineffable grace, whose glory generously deifies us with profound insight… Read more »

Lyrical Wisdom

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Like poetic prophecy, the Song of Songs is lyrical wisdom poetry and like Hosea’s prophetic poetics of love, the Song offers us a wisdom poetry of love that employs lyrical love tropes to transfigure love.  Poetic prophecy communicates wisdom mysteries of love’s ineffable glory, opening the human heart into transfiguring glory in the very heart of God.  Mystical theology can… Read more »

Forgiveness and Grace

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Because we have received the grace of God’s forgiveness, we can forgive one another as ourselves.  Because we have forgiven one another as our very life, we can truly receive the grace of God’s forgiveness as the timeless life of love’s ineffable glory. Gratuitous love manifests doxological circularity that takes the form of a co-inherence of grace and forgiveness, generating the… Read more »