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Icon not made with hands

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The shroud image was called the ‘icon not made with hands’ when it was transferred from Edessa to Constantinople in AD 988 on this, its holy feast day.  The image was ‘burned’ into the linen by the resurrection, not painted by hand, leaving the greatest of relics for our contemplation and adoration. In 1204, Templar crusaders took the Shroud from Constantinople and… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Wisdom interprets the glory of the Name, communicating the beauty of holiness to saints, kindling the fire of love which extinguishes division by curing confusion.  Christ is the Word of Wisdom revealing God, restoring harmony through vision of God, sustaining harmony through love of God, transmitting harmony through glorification of God.  Established in harmony, wisdom practices harmony through glorification of… Read more »


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Completeness is one in its sevenfold theophanies manifesting human being, divine-human well-being and timeless divine-human well-being, but without turning there is no vision of God, so no deifying glorification. Completeness stands steadfast in the incompleteness of temporal unfolding, bearing witness to timeless realisation, enduring the uncertainties of temporality with trust in glory’s timeless presence. Incompleteness is how divine completeness looks… Read more »

Breath by Breath

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The Holy Spirit sustains us breath by breath, divine life renewing life with life, revealing love through love, with love’s inexhaustible glory. The presence of God infuses us with deifying presence in the Name, inhaled by glory as glory is exhaled as the inexhaustible glory of the Holy Name. Oneness of God transfigures everything, encompassing all in all with ineffable… Read more »

‘I AM,’ is God’s Name

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‘I AM,’ is God’s Name, so God is aware, ‘I,’ as well as present, ‘AM.’  To turn is to turn awareness round to awaken to God’s awareness, as well as to be aware of the presence of God’s presence.  This personal awareness awakens us to God’s personal presence, a mystery which lies at the heart of enlightenment.  The key to… Read more »

Holy Spirit

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Monday of Pentecost, being the Day of the Holy Spirit, is the feast of the Spirit’s ineffable co-inherence in the Father and the Son, proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son in a round dance of reciprocity, mutuality and communion. The Spirit of truth reveals the truth of co-inherent communion which characterises God in Holy Trinity, which is… Read more »

Son by Grace

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The Beloved Disciple becomes son by grace, because she is loved by the Son, transcending gender in her union with him, for she would not have known love if she had not been loved.  The Third of Solomon’s Odes says love is discerned because love was shared and received, for whoever chooses love will be loved, whoever chooses eternal life… Read more »


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The Coronation of the King has deep roots way back in ancient royal wisdom mysteries stemming from the Jerusalem Temple, mysteries of crowning with wisdom and enthronement in glory which the Christian tradition opened to all.  Monarchy treasures these ancient symbols as do all who treasure monarchy as an icon of enlightening wisdom and glorification.  Today, many affirmed their allegiance to the King but for… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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Wisdom awakens the ‘eye of the heart’ to the uncreated glory of God’s reign, opening to the timeless presence of uncreated light, revealing vision of God in the ‘Eternal Now’ of God’s Holy Name. Presumptious parodies fall far short of uncreated glory, failing to give glory to God, but the eternal covenant of uncreated grace restores glory to God, redeeming… Read more »


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Tears awaken when grace unites the mind in the heart, puncturing the heart with uncreated light, deifying saints with uncreated glory.  Compunction pierces the heart long after weeping is interiorised, wounding seers with enlightening glory, unveiling the reign of the Name.  Tears are not morbid self-obsession but gladdening light, opening heaven to earth with piercing glory. With tears, compunction transfigures remorse into… Read more »