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Lyrical Wisdom

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Like poetic prophecy, the Song of Songs is lyrical wisdom poetry and like Hosea’s prophetic poetics of love, the Song offers us a wisdom poetry of love that employs lyrical love tropes to transfigure love.  Poetic prophecy communicates wisdom mysteries of love’s ineffable glory, opening the human heart into transfiguring glory in the very heart of God.  Mystical theology can… Read more »

Forgiveness and Grace

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Because we have received the grace of God’s forgiveness, we can forgive one another as ourselves.  Because we have forgiven one another as our very life, we can truly receive the grace of God’s forgiveness as the timeless life of love’s ineffable glory. Gratuitous love manifests doxological circularity that takes the form of a co-inherence of grace and forgiveness, generating the… Read more »

Gospel of Glory

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The Gospel of the glory of grace turns the light of awareness round to unite the mind and the heart in the uncreated light of glory.  This utterly simple mystery transcends all that thought can grasp, yet Hesychast elders think this through to the end, which is the end of confusion and the beginning of indivisible communion.  Ineffability is not… Read more »

Uncreated creativity of Grace

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As uncreated grace, awareness turns the light of awareness round, joyously abiding in the glory of the Father’s presence, unveiling love’s glory through the Son, generously sustaining love’s presence in the Spirit’s witness to wisdom, wisdom loving glory at the heart of God’s revelatory Name.  One presence, revealed in three different ways, the glory of grace turns the light around to… Read more »

Unfinished Glory

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Saints abide in the unfinished glory of God’s hallowed Name, knowing that the glory of the Name they name does not exhaust the ineffable glory of the hidden Name of God.  The hidden Name is radiant with the glory that deifies the saints, who never call themselves saints, but sinners who fall short of the glory that deifies them.  They neither… Read more »

Unveiled Face of Glory

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Christ reveals the Holy Name of God, unveiling the glory of God’s Face.  God’s unveiled Face of glory dispels delusion, undoing confusion with the grace of radiant communion, healing division with co-inherent translucence.  The Name unveils God as He is, glory wondrous to behold.  The unveiled Face of Glory is not, of course, visible as an object of empirical observation, although saints… Read more »

Heart of Wisdom and Glory

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The radiant heart of wisdom beholds the luminous presence of glory, ineffable union of awareness and presence unveiling Holy Trinity as ineffable Godhead.  The awakened heart sees as it is seen and knows as it is known, aware of being aware and present to the decisive presence of glory.  Awareness pervades every perception, perceiving and perceived, revealing the glory of the Name… Read more »

Beauty of Holiness

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The beauty of holiness sustains the holiness of beauty in the service of love and peace.  The goodness of intelligence sustains intelligent goodness in the service of wisdom and glory.  In an age of relativistic narcissism, nihilism insinuates itself into every form of social life unless truth is acknowledged and kindness sustains mutual respect.  For wisdom to be loved, the… Read more »

Origination, Consummation and Completeness

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Glory originates and consummates God-centred glory in the timeless completeness of God-centred wisdom.  Original glory conceives us, nourishes us and matures us as we progress towards the consummation of glory in the timeless completeness of wisdom. The circular singularity of wisdom is centred on the circular wholeness of God at centre, freeing us from all that breaks the holy circuit… Read more »