No Comments on Tears

Tears awaken when grace unites the mind in the heart, puncturing the heart with uncreated light, deifying saints with uncreated glory.  Compunction pierces the heart long after weeping is interiorised, wounding seers with enlightening glory, unveiling the reign of the Name.  Tears are not morbid self-obsession but gladdening light, opening heaven to earth with piercing glory.

With tears, compunction transfigures remorse into regenerative energy, renewing creation with uncreated light, restoring glory to God with deifying power.  The power and glory of the deifying Name do not wilt or waver, being the uncreated energy of wisdom, wed with glory in the Name.  Tears open hearts to saving grace, gladly redeeming creation, regenerating glorification with wisdom.

Tears are holy because they purify the heart with ineffable blessing, enlightening the mind in radiance of heart, opening saints to deification.  There is nothing morbid about spiritual mourning, regenerating sinners in the culture of compunction, renewing wisdom through glorification.  The mind of the Logos was revealed when Christ wept, infusing our tears with the wisdom and glory of the Holy Spirit.