Active Receptivity

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Active receptivity unites receptivity with the activity of remembrance of God, reflecting the divine-human mysteries of Christ, who is receptively active in his active receptivity. Taught by the Spirit, peace is conveyed on earth as in heaven, uniting active with receptive remembrance.

Deep beneath the troubled surfaces of worldly concerns, active receptivity endures in the cave of the heart, uniting uncreated awareness and presence of God in the hallowed Name.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, grace infuses the mind with the heart’s spiritual knowing, deifying saints.

Above the tensions of worldly enmity, grace communicates unselfish love, which transcends affection, friendship and erotic love, whilst including them in child-like playfulness.  Actively receptive, love reveals receptive mysteries at the heart of every spiritual activity, opening receptive oneness to active wisdom in the reign of glory.