Blessed Mourning

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The Spirit comforts those who mourn: the Paraclete blesses the poor in spirit with the Kingdom of heaven.  The lamentation of heart-rending mourning opens heavenly realms, rendering grace on earth in exchange for unmitigated suffering.  The Spirit of truth comforts all who mourn, reaching down through suffering to the ultimate ground of blessed joy.

Joy does not stifle heart-rending mourning, but opens anguish to the reign of grace in heaven, wedding passion with dispassionate love.  The Spirit of truth proceeds from the Father to unite with the Son, through whom lamentation brings the comfort of the Paraclete.  Love rejoices in truthful lament, bringing together both cross and resurrection.

Blessed mourning gives rise to timeless lament, which prays the prayer of holy weeping, crying out in the holy Name for all who suffer, all who weep.  Comfort reaches down into unhealed wounds that bleed with Christ on the cross of costly love. The mystery of love’s glory heals hearts with the Name, bringing peace, through grace, to bleeding tears.