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Friends of transfiguration

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Desert wisdom transmits transfiguring light in the Name, inspiring glorification of God in God through the Name, turning seers of glory into friends of transfiguration.   Prophecy hands on the uncreated Word that reveals the Name which pure prayer is empowered to assimilate, embraced as revelation of glory in the awakened heart.  Friends of transfiguration live in the light of glory, the… Read more »

Radical openness: wisdom in glory

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Revelation of the Name is inconceivable and ineffable, being the glory unveiled to wisdom in the radical openness of the awakened heart.  Hallowing the Name, the Kingdom comes but glory is unknowable and unutterable, even when wisdom opens the eye of the heart and the light of glory illumines.  The Father generates the Son anew in every moment, so that when the Spirit… Read more »

Transfiguration: Kingdom of Light and Glory.

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The Holy Transfiguration on Mount Tabor transmits vision (theoria) of uncreated light, opening glory to glory in the Kingdom of God.  Participation in this uncreated, creative vision of light is incorporation into the glory of the Kingdom.  Transfiguration unveils light of glory that consecrates and blesses purity of heart, true turning that sees God (Mathew 5:8).  Transfiguration hallows God’s Name ‘I… Read more »

Prophetic wisdom and unceasing prayer

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Prophetic wisdom springs from the ineffable openness of uncreated awareness, opening prayer to the ineffable oneness of uncreated presence, wisdom beholding glory in the Name, unveiling God in the midst.  God unveils God through God, the Spirit proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, revealing God’s Name, ‘I AM.’  Elders know that God’s ‘I’ awareness is ever-present, beholding God’s… Read more »