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Mother Wisdom: A Prayer

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O Thou That Art, revealing ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM,’ be Thou my delight, Mother Wisdom, through the grace of Thy Glory!  Thou art my life, light of my heart, love of my life! Open my heart to Thee, my Bride, my Beloved!  May nothing separate me from thee, here in God’s Holy Presence, here in His vision of Thee, Mother… Read more »

Saint Sophrony the Hesychast

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Saint Sophrony is called ‘the Hesychast’ because he bore witness to the uncreated light of glory shining at the heart of Orthodox Hesychast wisdom.  He is called ‘the Athonite’ because he spent about twenty years as a monk on Mount Athos and ‘Saint Sophrony of Essex’ because he lived the last thirty-five years of his life in his monastery in… Read more »

Self-emptying Love

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Glorification lives from self-emptying love, but when self-realisation is weak, self-emptying may descend into psychotic disintegration.   Casualties of psychotic dislocation may occur in souls who by-pass psychological integration with unintegrated self-emptying, in which case spiritual integration must include psychological with spiritual realisation.  Elders normally stand back when Christ awakens in the heart, but there is no avoiding withdrawal of psychological projections in healthy spiritual… Read more »

Beloved Disciple

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The Beloved Disciple bears witness that she loves as she is loved, handing on the love with which Christ first loved her, revealing the ultimate glory of love.  Her hidden witness gave rise to the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of love and the Book of Revelation, all of which reveal the glory of love glorifying beloved disciples in the… Read more »

Wisdom’s Yoke of Love

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Wisdom’s yoke of love stands over the beloved who loves as she is loved, hallows as she is hallowed, remembers as she is remembered.  Satan’s ‘no’ has no hold over the yoke of love, which is God’s ‘Yes’, always ‘Yes,’  not ‘no,’ always ‘Amen,’ always ‘Glory to God.’  (2 Cor 1:20).  The yoke of love embraces those who embrace the… Read more »

Glory to Thee

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Glory transfigures anger into peace, fear into love, confusion into union, division into communion.  Whatever arises, glorification of God and glorification by God turn it round, enlightening it with uncreated light, deifying it with uncreated glory.  The simple doxology, ‘Glory to Thee,’ turns everything round, enlightening it with uncreated light, restoring it to uncreated glory in the timeless reign of… Read more »

The Name as Mirror

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The Name mirrors God in the heart, revealing God’s image and likeness in mysteries of glory, unveiling the face of Christ in the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom sees what glory reveals, communicating God’s mysterious reign by hallowing the Name.  Wisdom turns to see the face of glory where before sinners saw themselves, releasing the Spirit of truth to unveil God’s truth through… Read more »

Reversing the Adversary

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The Holy Spirit reverses the inversions of the adversary, restoring the glory of wisdom to God.  The Holy Trinity replenishes hearts with uncreated light that cures adversities caused by the adversary, overcoming the resistant antitheses of the antichrist.  The Thrice-Holy Name imparts saving grace to sinners, transforming them into saints, redeeming time with timeless glory.  The hallowing Name floods the… Read more »

Enlightening Vision

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Vision of God is enlightening vision, extending the reign of heaven to earth.  Purity of heart is single-minded when the mind descends into the enlightened heart, dissolving hardness of heart and sclerosis of mind.  The storm of confusion is stilled when wisdom illumines the mind in the heart, healing devilish division with manifold wisdom.   Contemplative wisdom is vision of God,… Read more »

Abounding Wisdom

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Abounding wisdom mirrors the boundless glory of grace, communicating Great Peace in the stillness of the heart  (Eph 1:8).  When grace abounds, glory overflows into boundless transfiguration as wisdom rises from death to resurrection, unfreezing hardness of heart with ascending glory.  Mysteries of glory abound when the fulness of grace is revealed, uniting heaven and earth within the all-embracing logos, disclosing the glorious inheritance… Read more »