Beloved Disciple

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The Beloved Disciple bears witness that she loves as she is loved, handing on the love with which Christ first loved her, revealing the ultimate glory of love.  Her hidden witness gave rise to the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of love and the Book of Revelation, all of which reveal the glory of love glorifying beloved disciples in the Beloved.   The Spirit awakens wisdom discerning the glory of the Beloved, communicating mysteries of love’s glory to the saints, God’s hallowed lovers.  Vainglory persecutes the glorified but cannot see what it is doing, thinking it is doing the will of God whilst vainly imitating the enemy’s hatred of God.  The Beloved Disciple loves Christ, her Beloved, but her love remains invisible to the proud.  Pride clouds the eye of the heart with darkness, persecuting love, distancing the Beloved.  Evil, however, is powerless to destroy God, though fear thinks it must desecrate mysteries of God which cause it abject terror.

Wisdom crowns those whom glory enthrones, enlightening all whom the Name saves. The Beloved Disciple knows God as knowing is known by God, not as the world knows. Love cures the confusions of fear by healing divisions with love.  When visible worlds fail, invisible glory stands steadfast.  Wisdom communicates love where fear betrays glory with vanity, sustaining Name-hallowing that hallows saints.  The Beloved Disciple was betrayed and condemned, just as Christ was, but bears witness to the wholeness of Catholicity that love knows, thus remaining Orthodox at heart as well as Catholic.  Living flames of uncreated love hallow holy hearts with uncreated glory, for the self-emptying Way of the Name is beautiful, revealing the kenotic beauty of holiness.

The simplicity of holiness purifies the heart, enlightening minds united with the heart, deifying awareness with the hallowing Name of love.  The Father of love’s glory is one with the Word of love’s glory, both remaining profoundly hidden to vainglorious pride. The Holy of Holies, also, remains hidden from the vainglory of pride, together with the hallowing reign of glory in the Name.  Wisdom knows as she is known, seeing as she is seen by seers who love as they are beloved.  The pure in heart are blessed because, hallowed by the Name, they too are hallowed, seeing as seeing sees, seeing as God’s seers are seen.  Love extinguishes the satanic jealousy of demonic powers, restoring love in angelic realms, healing wars on earth as wars were always healed in heaven. The Beloved Disciple knows the self-emptying ways of wisdom because she took them to heart directly from her Beloved, receiving wisdom in his Name that communicates, through turned vision of God, the timeless glory of love.