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Icon of glory.

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The way through the woods leads to a burning bush, a moment of revelation, in which the Name is hallowed and the Kingdom comes.  Wisdom humbly discerns the glory of the Holy Name, unveiled from the Father through the Son, opened in the Spirit’s hallowing radiance.  We are all created for glory, which is the destiny of every human being,… Read more »

Holy Tears

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Holy tears arise when the mind descends into the heart and emotions rise into the heart purifying both in the heart’s clear light. Wisdom is the state of seeing with the eye of the heart that has been melted by holy tears, which are the waters of wisdom washing our thoughts and emotions clean. Holy tears are a baptism in… Read more »

Wisdom’s Dark Night.

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There has been a dark night of wisdom in the west for several centuries as science and technology have drawn the energies of intelligence away from the uncreated energies of glory at centre, leaving us high and dry on the shores of empirical rationality off-centre. Wisdom handles this dark night as an unavoidable void that empties one-sided extremes and opens… Read more »