Holy Tears

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Holy tears arise when the mind descends into the heart and emotions rise into the heart purifying both in the heart’s clear light.

Wisdom is the state of seeing with the eye of the heart that has been melted by holy tears, which are the waters of wisdom washing our thoughts and emotions clean.

Holy tears are a baptism in the Spirit which initiates us into wisdom’s way of seeing so that we see in Spirit as God sees, one spirit with God who sees.

Holy tears melt the hardened heart of blind pride, vainglory determined by fear, a spiritual sclerosis which tears cure by releasing thoughts and emotions into uncreated light.

There are four ways that tears are a holy alchemy of spiritual transformation.  1. They are a grace that is not to be confused with the tears of self-pity or the tears of self-obsessed anger.  2. They are a grace, these holy tears, known by their fruits, wisdom and love.  3. They open the heart to the wisdom of uncreated light, through Christ in the Spirit revealing the Holy Trinity.  4. They cleanse and purify the heart for wisdom and glory.

As the repentant sinner, Mary Magdalene was for many centuries the icon of Holy Tears.

Mary Magdalene, as the Beloved Disciple, is the icon of the radiant wisdom of the heart.

As the Apostle to the Apostles, Mary Magdalene is the icon of Resurrection, glory transforming everything through resurrection.