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Timeless Stillness

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Stillness sleeps until the heart awakens, until awareness turns and sees the uncreated presence that glorifies the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.  The Father self-empties into the Son and the Son self-empties into the Father, from whom the Spirit proceeds to abide in the Son, restoring glory to the Father.  Wisdom is forever still, even when glory… Read more »

Union with God

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Turning and seeing awaken the heart to union with God, whose timeless omnipresence is a liberating unveiling, not a rigid fixation on temporal ways and means.  Turning and seeing are indivisible:  turning, metanoia, transforms separation into deifying union whilst seeing, theoria, partakes in God’s vision of God through God, the Holy Trinity.  Turning and seeing are mysteriously one in their inseparable indivisibility, one… Read more »

Incarnation and Deification

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Desert Hesychasm is called out from regulated convention into deification, which lives the mysteries of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ as direct revelation.   Christ restores seers to union with the Father in the Holy Spirit, incorporating saints into his incarnation, death and resurrection by grace, grace which is a charism of both speech and silence.  Prophecy is poetic… Read more »

Creative Imagination and the Heavenly Twin

Wisdom invites us to behold the heavenly twin that God’s uncreated imagination creatively envisions, when we are created in God’s image.  The heavenly twin beholds this divine image with a view to our rising into its likeness, for it is our guardian angel who guides us from way ahead of us, God’s reign of glory, into the mysteries of purification,… Read more »

Solitude and Community

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The blessing of the Holy Spirit imparts grace to the purified heart, whether in solitude or in community, fulfilling all the prescribed sacraments of the Church through purification and illumination, completing their uncreated empowerments with love’s uncreated glorification.  Solitaries are not excluded from the grace of glorification, nor are members of thriving monastic communities always partakers in the grace of illumination, because… Read more »

Holy Trust

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Those who put their trust in the Name, stand steadfast in wisdom, whose consummate completeness is perfect consonance, both dazzling bright and dazzling dark, replete with ineffable perfection.  Wisdom turns the captivity of confusion into the freedom of communion, so that what tears sow in sorrow, wisdom reaps in joy.  Hesychast stillness is founded on the blessing of the unveiled… Read more »

Timeless Presence

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God’s self-revelation of timeless presence through his Name communicates spontaneous blessing, joy and peace as it awakens the eye of the heart to deifying wisdom and glory.   Cooling showers of graced stillness nourish parched souls with timeless presence, nurturing growth in the Spirit, generating completeness from incompleteness.  Hallowing the Name aright, delusions vanish into timeless presence right away.  The… Read more »

Well-spring of Stillness

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In the primordial principle or LOGOS, there is ever-present awareness, primordial awareness of presence and primordial presence of awareness, which together turn out to be wisdom’s primordial unveiling of the timeless presence of glory.  All phenomena arise from the uncreated presence of awareness, manifesting liminal presence unveiling glory at the heart of wisdom.  Revelation of the origin uncovers the glory of the Father,… Read more »

Awakened Heart of Stillness

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Stillness abides at the heart of awareness where wisdom beholds the presence of glory in the Name, a womb of infinite ineffability that grounds purification of the heart.  Stillness does not waver from the heart of awareness that is awake to the presence of glory.  Beyond rational description, pictorial imagination and literal expression, stillness abides where awareness of presence embraces the presence of… Read more »