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Dazzling Love

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If wisdom beholds the darkness that covers the Face of the Deep, revealed in the Spirit to be dazzling love, it is little surprise that science does not behold what only wisdom sees, for it is wisdom, not science, that beholds the dazzling light of the glory of love.  Wisdom abides with the Spirit in the Son’s love of the… Read more »

Radical Communion and the Common Good

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William Morris was prophetic in his witness to radical communion that holds all things in common for the common good, not state socialism but radical democratic communion, not state communism but radical, grass-roots democracy.  His vision of co-operative collaboration and shared responsibility was as uncommon in his lifetime as it still is in ours.  Yet, without it, there is little hope… Read more »

Prayer of Stillness

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The prayer of stillness anchored childhood and adolescence in a revelation of love and peace which was newly inspired, in the summer of 1965, by a meeting with Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, prior to a pilgrimage to Mount Athos, at the age of twenty, in the company of my father.  Saint Sophrony introduced me to the practice of Hesychast wisdom by communicating… Read more »

Childhood Prayer

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From childhood, at my mother’s knee, the prayer of stillness lay at the heart of daily prayer:  ‘Be still and know that I AM God.’  ‘Seek ye my Face; Thy Face, Lord will I seek.’ Still, still, very still, hands are folded, very still.  Keep our minds and bodies still, for a moment, deep and still.  Now I am ready for hearing God,… Read more »

Martyrdom: Red and White

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The blood of red martyrdom is the life-blood of Holy Orthodoxy, the costly glorification that gives life to the tradition in the light of the Name.  The blood of white martyrdom, on the other hand, is the life-blood of Hesychast solitude, the life of desert silence, the beauty of hidden stillness.  Both martyrdoms bear witness to Christ in the Spirit of the… Read more »

Hesychast Wisdom

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Hesychast wisdom bears witness to the uncreated light of wisdom and glory in the sanctuary of the heart, restoring access to mysteries that have the capacity to renew Holy Orthodoxy in every generation.  Saint Sophrony the Hesychast bore witness to the mystery of the Holy Name, ‘I AM,’ uncovering depths of enlightened first-personhood in the Name, a witness that has been catalytic… Read more »

Timeless Stillness

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Stillness sleeps until the heart awakens, until awareness turns and sees the uncreated presence that glorifies the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.  The Father self-empties into the Son and the Son self-empties into the Father, from whom the Spirit proceeds to abide in the Son, restoring glory to the Father.  Wisdom is forever still, even when glory… Read more »

Union with God

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Turning and seeing awaken the heart to union with God, whose timeless omnipresence is a liberating unveiling, not a rigid fixation on temporal ways and means.  Turning and seeing are indivisible:  turning, metanoia, transforms separation into deifying union whilst seeing, theoria, partakes in God’s vision of God through God, the Holy Trinity.  Turning and seeing are mysteriously one in their inseparable indivisibility, one… Read more »

Incarnation and Deification

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Desert Hesychasm is called out from regulated convention into deification, which lives the mysteries of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ as direct revelation.   Christ restores seers to union with the Father in the Holy Spirit, incorporating saints into his incarnation, death and resurrection by grace, grace which is a charism of both speech and silence.  Prophecy is poetic… Read more »