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Mysteries of the Mother of God

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The mysteries of the Mother of God unveil dimensions of deifying glory which remain utterly hidden until the eye of wisdom opens. Mystery through and through, from her Nativity through to her Dormition, her mysteries are celebrated yet concealed, visible yet invisible, revered in the silence of wonder. Her mysterious silence communicates ineffable stillness, imparting glorification beyond what words can… Read more »

Holy Serenity

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When temptations arise, holy serenity observes their endless chatter without retaliation, knowing Christ endured the condemnations of officialdom with silence, choosing to abide in the holy realm of the Name, beyond this world. Accused by heresy hunters, Hesychasts abide in stillness, rejoicing in uncreated glory, deaf to subtle taunts and insinuations, brushing the dust of wordy contentions from uncreated light,… Read more »

Holy Anna the Prophetess

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Holy Anna the Prophetess gave thanks when she saw the child Jesus in the temple, transforming her turning to God into hallowing vision of God  (Luke 2:34-36). Anna was holy because hallowing vision of God made her holy, enabling her to see who Jesus was and give thanks for the reign of his glorious Name. Daughter of Phanuel, Anna lived in… Read more »

Timeless Witness

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The Holy Spirit is the timeless witness who prays without ceasing, overcoming confusion and division with ineffable freedom.   Christ is the Word of God who, with the Holy Spirit, timelessly bears witness to the Father, revealing God’s reign of glory in Holy Trinity. The Spirit sees God in all and all in God, bearing witness to God’s reign of glory… Read more »

Serene Stillness

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Serene stillness abides in peace in the reign of the Name, sustained by wisdom in glory, resting in the shade of the tree of life.  Holy serenity stills the mind in the heart, healing the deadly poisons of distraction, releasing confusion into blessed communion. Chrismated by Christ in his completeness, baptised Christians partake in hallowing communion, indivisibly united in God through God… Read more »

Firing the Pearl

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Firing the priceless pearl reverses the fall so that the tentacles of satanic inversion release and infernal chains fall away.  Holy firing is essential to the cultivation of wisdom, therefore crucial for the practice of glorification. Metanoia turns awareness round to see God in the midst, whilst theoria sees God as God sees God, awakening to Holy Trinity.   Firing the… Read more »

Golden Flame

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The purest golden flame breathes ineffably in the awakened heart, consuming confusion, disolving division, enlightening tongues of fire whenever the mind descends into the awakened heart. The purest of glory descends from heaven to conjoin with ascending light in the Bridal Chamber of the heart, where Love’s Song of Songs sings wisdom songs in the stillness of the night of faith. The Name’s golden… Read more »


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Holy Pentecost is the Feast of the descent, with tongues of uncreated fire, of the Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, fulfilling the promises of the New Covenant.  It is the Spirit’s function to initiate and complete the revelation of the Holy Trinity through deification, theosis, by way turning, metanoia and seeing, theoria, transforming spiritual blindness into wisdom,… Read more »

Golden Flowering

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The golden flowering of uncreated light unites mind and heart with blessing, purifying the heart with uncreated glory in the depths of pure being, well-being and eternal being.  Glorification embraces being in well-being within timeless being as three dimensions of uncreated life, each of which expresses the meaning of being in uncreated-created modes.  This is unfolding of deification which desert… Read more »

Confirmation, not information

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What the informational mind sees as repetition, wisdom sees as confirmation, repeatably dancing round symbols to confirm them in the heart.  What the informational mind would edit out, the heart embraces as wisdom, integrating what the mind excludes. These two mentalities are not distinguished until wisdom dawns, dissolving confusion and divisive exclusion, releasing imposed, rational control. Wisdom loves repeated clarification because she loves… Read more »