Golden Flowering

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The golden flowering of uncreated light unites mind and heart with blessing, purifying the heart with uncreated glory in the depths of pure being, well-being and eternal being.  Glorification embraces being in well-being within timeless being as three dimensions of uncreated life, each of which expresses the meaning of being in uncreated-created modes.  This is unfolding of deification which desert elders watch over as sinners transform into saints.  White-gold anointing weds with yellow-gold crowning in red-gold enthronement, opening ancient royal wisdom mysteries to awaken hearts, transfigure minds and transmute persons through the revelation of the Holy Name. 

Holy stillness, hesychia, is the sacred sanctuary in which glorification unfolds,  fulfilling purification with illumination and deification, completing incompleteness with the glory of completeness.  But without metanoia there is no turning, without theoria there is no wisdom, whilst theosis, deification, is the consummation of purification and illumination in ineffable completeness, completing incompleteness gradually in time and suddenly in timeless glory.  Golden flowering has many dimensions and many phases, temporal and timeless, reflecting the many mysteries of Christ-like divine-humanity, completing enlightened wisdom with glorification.

Enlightened stillness completes incompleteness with great openness, fulfilling divine union with great oneness.  Signs of radiant glory adorn stillness with numberless mysteries of glory, plunging awareness into ineffable depths of divine presence.  The same stillness shimmers with wings ascending from earth to heaven as hovers with descending wings from heaven to earth, conjoining heaven and earth into an earthly heaven and a heavenly earth.  The divisive opinions of others fall into insignificance beside the living flame of wisdom, which turns the light of awareness round again and again, transcending form, restoring formless glory to God through God, abiding in God with integral openness.