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Hallelu Yah

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Pierced praise loves the Name of Praise, Hallelu Yah, one of the oldest formulas of glorification, praising the Name of Jacob, Yah, which was pronounced, unlike the Name of Israel, YHWH, having a feminine ending, which was not.  The pierced heart is illumined by the Name from within, enlightened by God indwelling in the midst, revealing timeless realms of glory nearer than… Read more »

Gift of Tears

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The gift of tears matures into enlightened compunction, by way of turned contrition, puncturing the heart with uncreated energy, enlightening the mind in the heart, deifying the created in uncreated glory. The wound of love, vulnus amoris, punctures the heart pierced by the grace of the Name, uniting created with uncreated energies with deifying glorification, crowning the eye of wisdom whose… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Wisdom interprets the glory of the Name, communicating the beauty of holiness to saints, kindling the fire of love which extinguishes division by curing confusion.  Christ is the Word of Wisdom revealing God, restoring harmony through vision of God, sustaining harmony through love of God, transmitting harmony through glorification of God.  Established in harmony, wisdom practices harmony through glorification of… Read more »

Prophet Ezekiel

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The prophet Ezekiel saw the glory of God leaving the temple in Jerusalem when the people of Judah were driven into exile, accompanied by angels, ascending and descending the ladder of the Name. The same angels ascend and descend the ladder of the Name when wisdom returns from exile to restore God’s remnant to glory, curing confusion by healing division,… Read more »

Prophet Elijah

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July 20th is the feast of the Holy Prophet Elijah, whose name means ‘my God is Yah.’  The holy function of Elijah is to reveal God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ which is why he awakens the hearts of the fathers and their spiritual children on the Day of the Name. The Eliatic function renews holy tradition by restoring prophecy, awakening the… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth bears witness to the indivisible wholeness of God, indivisible in oneness, infinite in scope, opening speech to prophecy and intercession to pure prayer. The Covenant of grace awakens hearts to deifying glorification, completing incompleteness in the reign of deifying completeness.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory in the Name, sustaining uncreated light in the reign of grace,… Read more »

Zeal of the Name

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God is zealous that his wisdom shall be known, turning hearts that they shall see, illumining minds in hearts that they may be glorified, yet infinitely patient with his ever-kindly mercy.  The rigour of his zeal and the kindness of his mercy subsist in paradoxical balance in the union of wisdom and glory in the Name, sometimes fierce and sometimes gentle,… Read more »

Reign of the Name

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The Reign of the Name is key to all mysteries of glory, revealing glorification from east to west, beyond the boundaries of the Roman empire.  The Celtic Church in Wales, Ireland and Scotland lay beyond the Roman Empire as did the Church of the east, beyond Edessa, but the reign of the Name had always transcended the powers of this world, as had the… Read more »


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Completeness is one in its sevenfold theophanies manifesting human being, divine-human well-being and timeless divine-human well-being, but without turning there is no vision of God, so no deifying glorification. Completeness stands steadfast in the incompleteness of temporal unfolding, bearing witness to timeless realisation, enduring the uncertainties of temporality with trust in glory’s timeless presence. Incompleteness is how divine completeness looks… Read more »

Serene Stillness

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Serene stillness abides in peace in the reign of the Name, sustained by wisdom in glory, resting in the shade of the tree of life.  Holy serenity stills the mind in the heart, healing the deadly poisons of distraction, releasing confusion into blessed communion. Chrismated by Christ in his completeness, baptised Christians partake in hallowing communion, indivisibly united in God through God… Read more »