Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth bears witness to the indivisible wholeness of God, indivisible in oneness, infinite in scope, opening speech to prophecy and intercession to pure prayer. The Covenant of grace awakens hearts to deifying glorification, completing incompleteness in the reign of deifying completeness.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory in the Name, sustaining uncreated light in the reign of grace, fulfilling the promise of enlightenment with deification.

True awakening happens when wisdom reveals glory in the temple of the heart, enlightening the eye of the heart, uniting the mind with the heart, rejoicing in the power of the saving Name.  Glorification by the Spirit of Truth is Christ’s unutterable joy, fruit of his love of the Father’s reign of abundant grace, consummation of the completeness of his glory.  Realms of grace are the Father’s joy, delighting the Son in the Holy Spirit, unveiling the Name.

The Holy Spirit bears witness with prophets, apostles and martyrs to the glory of grace, giving elders a word when extremes threaten to tear apart what God has joined, healing divisions by curing confusions.  The way of the Name completes incompleteness with perfecting completeness, curing confusion by healing division, awakening seers to glorification.  Elders bear witness to the prophecy of pure prayer, opening mysteries of glory to all who hallow the reign of God’s ineffable Name.

Feast of Saint Macrina, sister of Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, who wrote her Life, died AD 380.