Prophet Elijah

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July 20th is the feast of the Holy Prophet Elijah, whose name means ‘my God is Yah.’  The holy function of Elijah is to reveal God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ which is why he awakens the hearts of the fathers and their spiritual children on the Day of the Name.

The Eliatic function renews holy tradition by restoring prophecy, awakening the heart to pure prayer of the Name, practicing awareness of the presence of God in glorification.  Yah is the holy name that Jacob invoked, as in Hallelu Yah.

Elijah’s feast recalls union of hearts, uniting fathers and children, renewing tradition in the reign of the Name.  The Eliatic function of Elijah turns awareness round, enlightening the mind in the heart, awakening wisdom to glory in the Name.

Feast of the Prophet Elijah