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Wisdom’s Glory

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Wisdom’s glory lies in wisdom’s vision of the glory of grace which beholds God’s energy of glory in everything, and sees the translucence of everything in glory.   The language of the New Testament and holy fathers of the Church can be a problem in a very secular age, so elders begin with awareness, with the awareness of awareness, with… Read more »

Union of Mind and Heart in God

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The union of the mind and the heart in God empties the mind into God in the heart, a grace of union that unveils the ineffability of God’s self-emptying into us and our self-emptying into God.  Wisdom and glory are ineffable both divinely and humanly, but ineffability is not nihilism, neither is self-emptying facile fusion, because ineffability is not confusion… Read more »

Sound Grace

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Sound grace is normative and pours out its wholeness freely to all without exception, but demonic deception seeks to undermine this from within by demonising what is sound, playing on fears of demonic deception in order to confuse what is clear and to misconstrue what is wholesome.  But wholesome grace is sound and it is normal for grace to turn… Read more »

Gospel of Glory

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The Gospel of the glory of grace turns the light of awareness round to unite the mind and the heart in the uncreated light of glory.  This utterly simple mystery transcends all that thought can grasp, yet Hesychast elders think this through to the end, which is the end of confusion and the beginning of indivisible communion.  Ineffability is not… Read more »

Mystery of Mysteries

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The Name of names is the mystery of mysteries, transcending names that name the Name and ways that communicate the mystery.  With the Name of names, all opposites co-incide, transcending the mutual conditioning that hold them together and set them apart.  ‘Humility is endless,’ was an insight into the mystery of mysteries that Saint Sophrony the Hesychast shared with us, pointing… Read more »

Holy Cross

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Christ’s Holy Cross overcomes death by dying; consequently, to live his resurrected life is to embrace death, conquering death.  To cling to life is to die spiritually because the way spiritual death overcomes life is through infecting life with fear of death.  Wisdom does not fear death, because wisdom is undying life, timeless life gloriously dying to life-clinging terror of death.  Resurrection… Read more »

Wondrous Grace

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Wondrous grace inspires awestruck gratitude, dissolving fear into wholesome thanksgiving.   Awestruck wonder edges the soul towards turning, metanoia, which generously generates seeing, theoria, contemplation of light in light.  Together, turning and seeing purify and illumine the heart, giving wing to glory.  Together, purification and illumination cleanse the heart so that God’s Name is hallowed and reign of glory welcomed…. Read more »

Way of the Name

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Seeking the way of the Name, truth came to reign with glory, seeing life turn light around, planting tender roots sustaining timeless, bright translucency.  Love forgives a seeker’s fear of finding he is found, of knowing she is known, releasing fear into the humble blessing of simplicity.  The Spirit frees Christ to be who he sees, to be all that he… Read more »

Uncreated creativity of Grace

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As uncreated grace, awareness turns the light of awareness round, joyously abiding in the glory of the Father’s presence, unveiling love’s glory through the Son, generously sustaining love’s presence in the Spirit’s witness to wisdom, wisdom loving glory at the heart of God’s revelatory Name.  One presence, revealed in three different ways, the glory of grace turns the light around to… Read more »

Wisdom, Prophecy and Prayer

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Did prophecy really die out when the Roman Pope agreed with the Emperor of Rome that the price must be paid for the Roman peace?  Did prayer of the heart actually agree to die out when verbal prayer presumed to dominate endless services in the cities that extinguished the stillness of the heart?  Was the Beast the real power in… Read more »