Mystery of Mysteries

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The Name of names is the mystery of mysteries, transcending names that name the Name and ways that communicate the mystery.  With the Name of names, all opposites co-incide, transcending the mutual conditioning that hold them together and set them apart.  ‘Humility is endless,’ was an insight into the mystery of mysteries that Saint Sophrony the Hesychast shared with us, pointing to the mystery of translucent glory at the heart of endless humility.   The wisdom of humility empties glory of glory to cure vainglory, transcending divisive transcendence so as to heal confusion and restore communion.  Pride loves to preen itself on its humility, so much of the conventional wisdom of shallow humility is unable to cure pride.  This produces and re-enforces the conventional association of wisdom with pride.  But genuine wisdom is spontaneously humble, because God is utterly humble, and so easily able to cure pride with wisdom.  Christ is humble wisdom, in which the Spirit abides, revealing that the Holy Trinity is naturally and essentially humble because glory is intrinsically humble, as wisdom has always known.  The mystery of mysteries names the Name of names through spiritual prophecy, assimilated as mysteries of the heart through spiritual prayer.  Wisdom loves prophecy and glorifies prayer because together they name and realise the Name in the desert, inspiring elders and Name-hallowing saints.

The mystery of mysteries is hid with Christ in God as the Name which the Beloved Disciple received from Yeshuah, the root of the union of heaven and earth that conjoins wisdom and glory in the Holy of Holies.  The holiest place at the heart of every heart sanctuary is the Bridal Chamber where Yah Shuah conjoins with Mari Yah, womb of mysteries generating mysteries of glory that wisdom discerns in uncreated light.   Dazzling darkness is darkly bright, here, at centre, where God-centred glory dissolves self-centredness.  Well-being is timeless grace whose glory glorifies the saints, hallowing God’s Name in them, realising God’s reign in them.   Without the communion of wisdom and glory, there would be no mystery and no Name to reveal the mystery.   Stillness is not competitive for there is no competition.  Stillness lies low, so works well as mystery unveiling the Name.  When stillness clarifies the mind and purifies the heart, the heart heals the body by becoming its radiant companion in deification.  Heaven opens when the body’s hallowed earth is healed, dissolving the toxic poisons of a hardened heart.   Wisdom generates uncreated light in a womb of glory that generates God-bearing saints, but the mystery conceals its glory to divided minds, so that the Name is not taken in vain by vanity.

The mystery of creation is uncreated, unveiled by the revelatory Name, which is uncreated in its luminous energy.  It is what is not created that reveals glory, giving creation its beauty.  The eye of the heart does not chase after created sights and sounds, but watches and waits to extract the uncreated wisdom of glory from conditioned perceptions of the created.  Awareness is ever-present mystery but when it turns and sees, wisdom awakens awareness and presence opens to glory, seeing as God sees.   Fear is in deep terror of turning, in case seeing deprives fear of its self-centred control.  Love’s glory is invisible, yet wisdom sees, liberating fear from fear.  Wisdom faces into fear as it unveils the face of glory.  Wisdom faces what fear fears and discovers, to its surprise, that it has no created face.  There is no end to the uncreated energy of glory.  There is no limit to the uncreated face of grace. The Name is a mystery of mysteries, unfathomably transfiguring everything.  Elusive, like evaporating mist, incompleteness is completed in wisdom’s completeness that is always already complete in its translucent incompleteness, time’s fear of the timeless.  What is arising is forever returning as glory to glory, opening to glory’s ineffable openness.  The Name restores glory to glory, veiled as ineffable mystery, unveiled as the mystery of mysteries, deifying all that glory reveals to wisdom, through God’s Name.