Holy Cross

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Christ’s Holy Cross overcomes death by dying; consequently, to live his resurrected life is to embrace death, conquering death.  To cling to life is to die spiritually because the way spiritual death overcomes life is through infecting life with fear of death.  Wisdom does not fear death, because wisdom is undying life, timeless life gloriously dying to life-clinging terror of death.  Resurrection wisely embraces death, overcoming death by death.  Wisdom and glory are the undying energies of God, being the undying life of God, timeless in its uncreated energy.  The glory of wisdom leaves nowhere for death to enter, having nowhere for fear-driven terror to get in, because the timeless life of God overcomes death.  Freedom from terror abides in the timeless life of glory, the undying life revealed by wisdom and undying glory of the Name.  The way of the Name hallows God’s timeless life instead of overlooking it by taking it for granted.  Gratitude gives thanks by giving glory to God, embracing death in life and life in death.  Gratitude matures and completes insight with the wisdom that nourishes insight into the glory of grace.  Such insight does not cling to life, desperately grasping life lived in terror of death, but dances the wisdom of glory freely in the endless cycles of dying life, timelessly encircling death’s living embrace of grace.

Christ’s Holy Cross is timeless self-emptying, embracing death in life and life in death.  Divine self-emptying is the beginning of everything, the sustaining and the completion of all that there is.   Insight into self-emptying is true wisdom.  The body dies, but all is well.  Life in God is not confused with the body’s material life.  Wisdom knows as glory is known, emptying God, through God, into God.  Holy Trinity is timeless life nearer than the body, nearer than psychic life.  Insight turns the light of awareness round into glory, God’s way of generating light from light, completing glory with glory.  Holy Trinity endures as undying breath, inspiring timeless life.  Holy Spirit breathes timeless life even as the body releases its last gasp.  Insight sees what wisdom knows, love’s glory unceasing in a Holy Cross.  Communion is holy union and unceasing communion in the heart of the awareness and presence of God.  The common good is the life of communion in every community, holy communion breathing God’s life as our timeless, common good, which is our being, well-being and timeless well-being.  Glory breathes us as we release all glory into glory, restoring glory to God.   Holy Spirit breathes undying life through us, divine life of glory undoing falls from glory in a timeless dance, circles of glory restoring glory to God.

Glory empowers timeless spiritual prayer of the heart, timeless, unceasing prayer of the hallowing Spirit in the heart.  Glory empowers enlightenment that purifies and illumines the heart, sustaining glorification.  The way of the hallowing Name is beyond gossip, closed to dissipating chatter, open to the stillness of wisdom.  Wisdom does not cling to life, for to do so is spiritually to die.  Reification clings to ‘nothing,’ as something worth having, so loses its way.   Nihilism clings to ‘nothing’ to avoid reification, so also loses its way.  The way of glory does neither, which is the way wisdom always finds its infallible way.  But when wisdom is despised, nominal faith becomes normal.  Fear extinguishes love until holy love of the hallowing Cross releases vainglory into sound glory, preferring humble ordinariness to proud efforts to crush pride.  Life that hates death is proud, just as death that hates life is deadly.   Wisdom prefers glory that empties itself of glory, rather than vainly oppress glory to preserve humility.   Insight gathers light from light, hallowing glory through glory.   Wisdom nurtures insight rather than struggle to achieve great ascetical feats, gathering light through light, sustaining glory through glory.  Christ’s Holy Cross is a golden crown surmounting a golden throne, glory crowned with wisdom in timeless union, wisdom crowned with glory as a Holy Cross, grounded by a golden throne.