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Prayer in Spirit and in Truth

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Prayer in Spirit discerns the truth of Christ in the oneness of the hallowed Name, giving voice to the glory that unites heaven and earth.  What elders call glorification is the experience of wisdom’s embrace of glory that unites all who turn and see God present here at centre in the midst.  The oneness of this voice of glorification unites angels… Read more »

Name and Face

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The way of the Name is the way of the unveiled Face, ever-moving, ever still.  The Spirit is everywhere present without departing from Christ’s union with the Father for a moment.  Wisdom serenely abides in the glory of the Name without separating from Christ or wavering from his union with the Father.  The Spirit of wise awareness does not flit around like… Read more »

Wisdom and Sophistry

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Wisdom abides in the glory of grace, releasing the divisive opinions of clever sophistry when hearts turn and see God present in the midst.  Wisdom purifies the heart of sophistry, to illumine the mind in the heart, centred in the uncreated light of glory, resurrecting saints with the support of ascended elders, opening their glorification to depths and heights that… Read more »

Unfinished Glory

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Saints abide in the unfinished glory of God’s hallowed Name, knowing that the glory of the Name they name does not exhaust the ineffable glory of the hidden Name of God.  The hidden Name is radiant with the glory that deifies the saints, who never call themselves saints, but sinners who fall short of the glory that deifies them.  They neither… Read more »

Hesychast Wisdom

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Hesychast seers love the wisdom of the Name because it reveals the glory of God’s reign, inspiring elders in every generation, renewing the sacred tradition of the saints.  The wisdom of stillness holds steady even when surrounding parochial Orthodoxy is nominal and consequently, out of touch with the unceasing prayer of the Spirit inspiring hearts to turn and see.  The desert sends… Read more »

Joy of Union

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The fruit of the practice of wisdom is joy, union of presence and awareness in the Name, overflowing as the union of wisdom and glory in self-emptying glorification.  Wisdom purifies the heart and illumines the mind in the heart, whilst glory opens mysteries of glory through hallowing glorification.  The Spirit of truth unveils timeless life as way, truth and deifying life… Read more »

Wisdom of Stillness

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Hesychast wisdom does not set one thing against another as heresies do, opposing each other with one-sided opinions, spawning confusion and division.  The desert does not set up a dualism between gnosis and ignorance, sowing sectarian Gnosticism.  Elders do not drive a dualistic division between prayer of the heart and liturgical prayer, spawning Messalianism.  Nor do saints impose a divisive separation between prophecy… Read more »

Heart of Awareness

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Wisdom turns and sees love embrace forgiveness and simplicity embrace stillness at the heart of awareness, welcoming the blessing of presence with the joy of generous awareness.  Blessed is the ineffable joy of boundless awareness uniting with the inexplicable glory of liberating presence.  Wisdom is one in her encircling stillness and free in her ineffable completeness, awareness of presence embracing presence of awareness in the… Read more »

Unveiled Face of Glory

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Christ reveals the Holy Name of God, unveiling the glory of God’s Face.  God’s unveiled Face of glory dispels delusion, undoing confusion with the grace of radiant communion, healing division with co-inherent translucence.  The Name unveils God as He is, glory wondrous to behold.  The unveiled Face of Glory is not, of course, visible as an object of empirical observation, although saints… Read more »

Heart of Wisdom and Glory

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The radiant heart of wisdom beholds the luminous presence of glory, ineffable union of awareness and presence unveiling Holy Trinity as ineffable Godhead.  The awakened heart sees as it is seen and knows as it is known, aware of being aware and present to the decisive presence of glory.  Awareness pervades every perception, perceiving and perceived, revealing the glory of the Name… Read more »