Joy of Union

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The fruit of the practice of wisdom is joy, union of presence and awareness in the Name, overflowing as the union of wisdom and glory in self-emptying glorification.  Wisdom purifies the heart and illumines the mind in the heart, whilst glory opens mysteries of glory through hallowing glorification.  The Spirit of truth unveils timeless life as way, truth and deifying life when the Name is hallowed and God’s reign comes with glory, filling heaven and earth.  The joy of union conjoins awareness and presence in the Holy of Holies as a Bridal Chamber of Song of Songs mysteries, unveiled by Christ and his Beloved Disciple in the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation, confirmed by three Epistles of Love that extend their love to all.  Love tastes and sees the joy of union, opening mind and heart to the beauty of hallowing communion.   Whatever befalls the pure in heart is transfigured by joy when union is awake in the mind and the heart.  Both life and death arise in this union of joy, death opening to a life of timeless joy, whilst life, dying to itself, lives in joy.   Wisdom seen and heard is glory tasted, touched and smelt when the Spirit infuses the senses with the glory of resurrection, ascending with Christ into the wisdom of ineffable glory.

Wise stillness experiences the joy of union when the mind sleeps and the heart is awake, the Spirit going beyond the senses and the mind into the stillness of unfathomable freedom.  Ascending from something to nothing, Christ rises above nothing into ineffable joy.  Awake in the Name, beyond all names, the Spirit transcends the pleasure of pleasure in the joy of ineffable union, awareness beyond perception, presence beyond reification.  Glorification is experience of the joy of ineffable union, quintessential Patristic wisdom alight and alive at the heart of pure awareness of radiant presence in the Name.  Stillness blesses with joy all in whom confusion is dispelled and separation is released, grace granting the freedom of boundless awakening.  Delusion vanishes when the Name is revealed, unveiling childlike trust in God’s kindly presence, wedded with unselfconscious awareness.  The Name is immortality in action, communicating God’s undying ‘I AM,’ aware and present, transmitting unborn grace.  Solitude, silence and stillness embrace the desert, the forest, the mountain and the cave, where anchorites living alone in silence and dying alone in stillness bear witness to the ecstatic joy of union.  Whatever arises, elders experience confusion as communion and division as union, empowering saints to live communion without confusion and union without division.  

The Oneness of God in Holy Trinity is the Oneness of Godhead shared by the Father with the Son, but it is also the Oneness of the Spirit proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, the Oneness of their union that fulfils their communion with joy.  Oneness, IHIDAYA, is the underlying mystery infusing solitude with joy, silence with rejoicing and stillness with joyful God-centred union, curing division with difference and confusion with communion.  Division is no longer divisive when confusion ceases to dissipate Oneness of Godhead in God the Holy Trinity.  Wisdom is God’s vision of God’s glory, beholding God’s Oneness in Holy Trinity.   Awakening unveils awareness as wisdom and presence as glory, invisible to sense and notion, but revealed when insight unveils the face of the heart.  Saints appear quite ordinary, so holiness is not profaned, just as God refuses to be reified, preserving glory from vanity.  Elders release their minds into radiant sleep because their hearts are very wide awake, whilst in worldly souls, minds spin, concealing hardened hearts.  Saints remain awake by standing steadfast in wisdom, not by seeking conditioned ways and means to achieve unconditioned higher states.  Hearing they hear, that seeing they may see, because their hearts are straight forward and free.  Union dispels delusion, plunging hearts in wondrous joy.  The joy of union liberates hard hearts and closed minds, rejoicing that Christ has conquered the world, releasing glory from vainglory.  Beyond the divisions of confusion and the delusions of separation, the joy of awareness is the liberating presence of joy.