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Love of my life

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Glory be to thee, O Christ, love of my life, overcoming my death by your death, resurrecting my death in your life, ascending my light through your light, descending as glory from your glory, glorifying my brokenness with ineffable light.  Glory to thee, Father of light, generating light from light in the night of my life, light of turning, light… Read more »

Uncreated Light

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When the light of awareness turns around, uncreated light purifies the heart, unifying the energies of earth and heaven.  Uncreated light arises in the midst of created energies, generating the body of light in uncreated light.  The light body is born in the material body when the fire of the Spirit reveals the pearl of great price.  Heaven and earth unite… Read more »

Ineffable Oneness

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Ineffable Oneness is not destroyed by the generation of the Son, because ineffable twoness is generated within the unbroken reign of the Father’s Oneness, not outside it, and because the procession of the Spirit from the Father unveils the ineffable three as Holy Oneness generating God from God as the Father, God with God as the Son, proceeding from God as… Read more »

Spirit of Glory

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The Spirit of glory prays without ceasing in the midst, interceding in ineffable words of uncreated love and mercy, revealing that the throne of grace is a mercy seat standing under all verbal, audible prayers.  Revealed by Christ, in human words, this ineffable prayer is called the ‘Lord’s Prayer,’ and is known to all whilst its ineffable scope and efficacy remains hidden as the… Read more »

Wisdom of the Beloved Disciple

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The wisdom of the Beloved Disciple inspired the Fourth Gospel and the Book of Revelation in different ways, enabling three epistles to speak of her love of her Beloved who loved her, which is not mere sentiment but the profoundest wisdom. Love of her wisdom regenerates Holy Orthodoxy way beyond the boundaries of the old Byzantine Empire, inspiring many and speaking through… Read more »

Vision of God

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The purified heart beholds the vision of God that illumines saints in the age to come, restoring glory to God that was lost when the fall deprived seers of wisdom.  The ineffability of wisdom discerns the openness of glory, awakening wisdom to the spontaneous presence of glory in the Oneness of the Name.  The Spirit of truth abides with Christ… Read more »

Wisdom of Uncreated Light

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Patristic Hesychasts from earliest times bore witness to the vision of wisdom in uncreated light, which is wisdom’s revelation of the glory of the Name.  Wisdom was often spoken of in connection with uncreated light, radiant as if ‘clothed with the sun,’ and the beauty of her holiness was said to pass all description.  The kiss of her embrace pierced hearts… Read more »

Prophetic Image : Imageless Prayer

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Prophecy imparts holy images, inspiring imageless prayer of the Holy Spirit in the  heart, the Spirit’s unceasing intercession for all in the hidden heart of Christ.  Prophecy has nothing to do with self-centred fantasy or self-obsessed day dreams, but with the purified imagination regenerated in the heart by the glory of grace, prophecy working together with imageless prayer to deify… Read more »

Theophany Eve

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The Great Blessing of the Waters on Theophany Eve renews our baptism in the waters of the Holy Spirit through Christ’s Baptism of the wisdom of uncreated fire, the wisdom of uncreated light and the wisdom of uncreated glory.  The fire of wisdom purifies the heart, the flame of uncreated light illumines the mind in the heart and the tongues… Read more »

Wisdom of the heart of glory

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Wisdom abides at the heart of glory, delighting in the beauty of her glory’s holiness, rejoicing in the limpid purity of her uncreated energy.  She does not neglect those she loves, but embraces them with her in-seeing gaze, seeing through the hardened surfaces of external form to the formless translucence of God’s Holy Name.  To love her is to die… Read more »