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Fire of Spirit

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The fire of Spirit ignites the flame of wisdom, revealing burning glory through the unveiled Name.  The Song of Songs awakens holy wisdom in the Holy of Holies, indwelling the cloud of unknowing like a spiritual marriage, generating rebirth in the Holy Spirit.  Christ breathes the Holy Spirit into his disciples when he breathes on them, recreating them in the… Read more »

Respectful Recognition

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Pure attention is spontaneous when recognition awakens with respectful recognition. Straining and stressing strive to attain this, but respect re-spects it through wisdom, and recognition re-cognises it through glory, awakening respectful recognition.  The receptivity of the moon hallows the earth, welcoming the blazing activity of the sun, symbol of hallowing heaven, conjoining heaven and earth.  The spiritual alchemy of wisdom lies… Read more »

Formless Turning

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Formless metanoia turns the light of awareness round so that formless theoria sees the glory of God on earth as it is in heaven.  The Father is the source of the Son’s generation and the Spirit’s procession, but the vision of God is formless, transcending sensation and perception.  The practice of formless theoria discerns the glory of grace deifying sinners,… Read more »

Wisdom’s Yoke of Love

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Wisdom’s yoke of love stands over the beloved who loves as she is loved, hallows as she is hallowed, remembers as she is remembered.  Satan’s ‘no’ has no hold over the yoke of love, which is God’s ‘Yes’, always ‘Yes,’  not ‘no,’ always ‘Amen,’ always ‘Glory to God.’  (2 Cor 1:20).  The yoke of love embraces those who embrace the… Read more »

Abounding Wisdom

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Abounding wisdom mirrors the boundless glory of grace, communicating Great Peace in the stillness of the heart  (Eph 1:8).  When grace abounds, glory overflows into boundless transfiguration as wisdom rises from death to resurrection, unfreezing hardness of heart with ascending glory.  Mysteries of glory abound when the fulness of grace is revealed, uniting heaven and earth within the all-embracing logos, disclosing the glorious inheritance… Read more »

Awakening Hearts

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Awakening hearts hear as well as see the hidden glory that wisdom sings, turning awareness round to hear God in the midst, turning to listen to God’s presence in the silence of the night.  Glory is invisible to visual perception and inaudible to aural perception, but wisdom discerns God at centre in the midst.  Awakened hearts, enlightened by wisdom, contemplate the… Read more »

Wisdom, Crown and Throne

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Wisdom crowns seers with uncreated light, enthroning saints with deifying energy of uncreated glory, revealing the reign of the Name.  The body of light manifests the body of glory through the uncreated grace of the Name, purifying the heart by enlightening the mind in the heart, transfiguring creation.  Deification remains hidden with Christ in God until wisdom dawns, uniting uncreated wisdom with hidden glory…. Read more »

Hallelu Yah

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The quintessential song of praise, ‘Hallelu Yah,’ hallows the Name of saving grace that reveals God’s reign of glory, unveiling the face of holiness in the Holy Spirit. Glorification cleaves to the revelatory Name without wavering from the praises of its glory, opening the eye of the heart to wisdom.  The mercy prayed for in the Jesus Prayer is God’s loving… Read more »

Yoke of Love

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Wisdom is God’s yoke of love speaking through prophecy to awaken prayer, conjoining human lovers with the divine Beloved, as in the Song of Songs, opening the Holy of Holies to the ineffable mystery of the Bridal Chamber.  Trust in Christ releases fear into love in the Holy Spirit, opening hells to heavens of infinite grace and unconditioned glory.  Holy Orthodoxy… Read more »

Kiss of Peace

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Wisdom bestows a kiss of peace unveiling the Song of Songs in the Holy of Holies, embracing the beloved with her radiant gaze.  Returning to the Father through the Son, saints rest in peace in the Holy Spirit, abiding in the serenity of stillness.  The gentle humour of wise stillness is kindly as it deifies saints in the way of the… Read more »