Respectful Recognition

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Pure attention is spontaneous when recognition awakens with respectful recognition. Straining and stressing strive to attain this, but respect re-spects it through wisdom, and recognition re-cognises it through glory, awakening respectful recognition.  The receptivity of the moon hallows the earth, welcoming the blazing activity of the sun, symbol of hallowing heaven, conjoining heaven and earth.  The spiritual alchemy of wisdom lies in glorification, which expresses glory’s love of wisdom, way beyond current agendas of philosophy.  Wisdom ascends and descends with Christ, in the Spirit, when the receptivity of the moon unites with the activity of the sun, congealing the energies of heaven and earth.

The mystery of mysteries conceals the secret of secrets in the Holy of Holies, unveiling the Song of Songs, whose meaning remains hidden until wisdom dawns.  Wisdom begins where it ends, in the consummation of the mystery of mysteries, which is the revelation of the Song of Songs.   Death dies to death when Christ rises to resurrect us all into his timeless resurrection, re-specting everything with wisdom, re-cognising everything with glory, centring in God at centre where God sees as God is known. Kenosis empties things of fixated reification but also of fixated notions of emptiness, freeing wisdom to behold glory without fixation.  Turning respects recognition, whilst wisdom beholds respectful recognition, empowering glory to manifest doxological theophanies of respectful recognition.

Doxological self-emptying is truly radical, transcending both assertion and negation and even the notion of the negation of negation, if it remains merely notional.  Wisdom cuts through mountains of confusion, empowering glory to leap over mountains of fixation. God at centre re-spects everything as wisdom, re-cognising everything in glory, embracing glorious wisdom without fixation.  Uncreated respect awakens uncreated recognition in the Holy of Holies, opening hardened hearts to wisdom, transfiguring creation with glory. Waters of creation co-inhere with uncreated fires of heaven in the cave of the heart, uniting heaven and earth.  Respectful recognition follows the way of truth by living the way as truth in every moment, seeing as God sees with wisdom, knowing as God is known by glory, awakening wisdom with wisdom, transcending glory with glory.