Decisive Attention

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Turning the light of attention round is decisive, because the living waters of uncreated light baptise awareness when it recognises the uncreated energy of glory, awakening enlightening energy that unites the mind with the heart.  Attention is always decisive, because it unites active wisdom with receptive glory, awakening uncreated creativity in the cave of the heart.  Attention turns the mind around so that it awakens to glory in decisive ways, glory which abides undistracted inside outward perception.  When wisdom unites with glory, negativity dissolves, distraction ceases, counteracting unconscious resistance.  Glory flowers as both crown and throne, releasing uncreated creativity in every sphere.  Without attention, there is no turning and without turning there is no state of seeing, which is wisdom, and no glorification.

Once wisdom weds glory, uncreated creativity makes all things new, dying and rising with Christ, ascending and descending in the Holy Spirit.  As light, the body shines with uncreated glory, uniting alpha and omega, beginning and end, with every breath.  The heart expands to fill all dimensions with wisdom and glory, no longer contracted by egocentric or ethnocentric fixations, idols that replace God with false gods.  When Christ blesses the waters of the deep, they transfigure into heavenly realms, turning hells into earthly heavens.  Decisive attention delivers us from old ghosts that haunt us, quickening us in God’s timeless reign of glory with his sovereign wisdom.  Stillness welcomes wisdom home in realms of glory through the Name, crowning attention with uncreated light.

Heaven descends to earth when the Name is hallowed and God’s will is done.  Sun conjoins with moon in the cave of holiness, emptying nihilistic emptiness into living fulness.  Attention is decisive, as always, when wisdom crowns presence with enthronement in uncreated glory.  Uncreated energy crystallises created energies as yellow gold crowning transmutes into red gold enthroning.  Hesychast wisdom lives these ancient prophetic mysteries, interpreting Biblical symbols with wise discernment, opening old images to renewing experience, undistracted by nihilist novelty. Openness of undissipated wisdom is one energy with undivided attention, decisively uniting turning and seeing with inseparable communion, completing incompleteness with the indivisible completeness of timeless glory.