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Prayer of the Heart

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The prayer of the heart regenerates prophecy, transfiguring the vision of the Father’s realm of the Name, recognising Christ’s reign of the Name in the Spirit’s revelation of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory.  Unveiling Holy Trinity, Holy Orthodoxy is not the reification of this transfiguring recognition but release of reification into original Christophany in the Spirit’s wisdom, liberating reification into ineffable openness in the eye… Read more »

Wisdom of Uncreated Light

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Patristic Hesychasts from earliest times bore witness to the vision of wisdom in uncreated light, which is wisdom’s revelation of the glory of the Name.  Wisdom was often spoken of in connection with uncreated light, radiant as if ‘clothed with the sun,’ and the beauty of her holiness was said to pass all description.  The kiss of her embrace pierced hearts… Read more »

Circle of Completeness

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Christ reveals his glory in us by sending the Spirit to unveil his wisdom to us, deifying creation in us for the good of all, completing the circle of completeness.   Deification is the grace of Christ’s resurrection and ascension conjoined with the grace of Christ’s glorification, which descends with the Spirit like a dove.  Ascent transcends all resistance to God whilst… Read more »

Body of Light and Glory

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The Song of the Name is not unreasonable in its humble awareness of God present and aware of God’s ever-present awareness, humbly aware of the presence and awareness of God.  But it is in unknowing that awareness knows as it is known.  When rationalistic thinking usurps the heart, what is lost is awareness of the body as uncreated light.  This… Read more »

Winged Energy

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Uncreated energy is winged, giving creation grace to rise with heavenly wings into heavenly realms, like angels whose deified lives are winged, or Seraphic flame partaking in winged Cherubic embrace, images of the ineffable that resonate with music of unseen spheres.  Uncreated energy is creative, generating wondrous ways of being renewed by the uncreated imagination, deifying elders and saints with uncreated… Read more »

Wisdom Hermitage

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The wisdom hermitage is redundant in monasteries that have forgotten what they are for, although in the desert, Orthodox monasticism began with hermit cells and on the Holy Mountain, the hermitage still survives between the monasteries.  The wisdom round cell becomes a place to store whatever has nowhere else to go, when once it had been the place of stillness at the… Read more »

Threefold and Twofold Co-inherence

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The Threefold Co-inherence of the Triune Godhead is not confused with Christophanic Co-inherence, which is the divine-human co-inherence of Christ’s deiform Personhood, but the love they both inspire beholds both interpenetrate within coalescing Co-inherence.  Love is not ignited by abstractions but by love, earthly loves and the Spirit’s love of the Son, the Son’s love of the Father and their fierce and gentle love shared… Read more »

Opening into Light

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In Christ, death opens into the uncreated light of glory, because Christ’s death on the Cross overcomes death by death, unveiling the light of glory.  Given death opens into uncreated light that overcomes death, revealing uncreated glory, it is an open entrance into realms of light and glory, not what fear dreads.  Faith, hope and love know that although fear arises, death… Read more »

Glory of Love

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The glory of love may first be unveiled in a human salutation of love, as in the love of Beatrice for Dante, then in wisdom’s love of both that unveils human loves as icons of divine love.  The way of glorification is the revelation of the glory of love, arising when illumination purifies love at the heart of the mysteries of glory…. Read more »

Face of the Deep

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Before there was light, darkness was upon the Face of the Deep, but the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, so the formless void had a Face (Gen 1:2).  The Face of the Spirit manifests in uncreated energy, before created energy transmutes into created matter, which is the material creation.  The revelation of uncreated light above the… Read more »