Wondrous realms of Love

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The Wisdom of the Cross discerns the wondrous realms of love, but it is child-like trust that actually enters the heavenly realms of glorious love.  Mother Wisdom works her magic in the liminal realms of childhood, countering the demonic powers that rule this world.  Love’s magic spells enchant childhood with drama and mystery, powerfully rooting life in wholesome goodness.  The magic of a mother’s love is so strong that the dark magic of raging imperial powers and institutionalised violence cannot quench it. When magic gives way to mythic thinking, Mother Wisdom communicates her love in tales of heroic love, renewing the adolescent imagination with stories of chivalrous love.  When myth gives way to rational thinking, Mother Wisdom communicates her love through science and cosmology, transmuting magic and myth into rational ways that regenerate the imagination.  Child-like trust receives the wisdom of the Cross by living it as wondrous love, transcending rationalism by renewing the imagination through wisdom’s magic and myth, rationally serving unselfish love.

Mother Wisdom communicates the magic of love with spells that enchant the heart, confirmed by the Fathers, who confirm the priority of love, overruling a mother’s missionary duty to be with her husband as he spread the Gospel in foreign lands.  A mother’s courage to be a mother was later confirmed by a father’s clinical theology, which explained the priority of love in psychological development.  Two diverging worlds conjoined when the Wisdom of the Cross conjoined the wondrous realms of love, enabling works of love to flow from the paradox of love’s Cross of Glory, uniting condemnation with glorification.  Magic spells are good when they serve unselfish love, countering the evil of demonic lies.  Mythic tales are good when they serve unselfish love, countering the dark imperialism of demons.  Rational science is good when it benefits mankind, cures ills, providing for human need.  Mother Wisdom knows how to transcend and include magic and myth as she helps bring reason into the wondrous realms of glorious love.

Narcissism tries to demonise the wholesome wisdom of a mother’s love, separating awareness from the healing roots of unselfish compassion.  When woke lies cease to bind the children of God, love frees and forgives, restoring trust in wondrous love. Once again, Mother Wisdom communicates her vision of unselfish care, renewing love’s magical enchantment and mythic belonging in the service of wholesome love. The Holy Fathers confirm Mother Wisdom’s magical and mythic vision, enabling mystical theology to gather magic, myth and reason together, restoring the glory of love.  Childhood tales of loving magic conjoin with adolescent tales of chivalrous myth, resting in peace within mystical theology.  Abiding in unselfish love, glory raises the dead and ascends with saints into heavenly realms of wondrous love, opening wisdom into ineffable glory in age after age.