Fulness of Grace

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The fulness of grace rises into the fulness of glory through the uncreated light of the Name, opening the heart by turning, metanoia, illumining the heart by seeing, theoria, transforming creation by glorification, which Orthodox tradition, following the Greek mysteries, calls deification, theosis.  Fulness of glory completes grace by sanctifying seers and hallowing saints, wondrously transcending all expectations.  Glorification is the living heart of the fulness that grace sustains, purifying and illumining hearts in the reign of the Name.  The Spirit discerns fulness of glory completing the grace of Christ in the Father’s Name, hallowing all who turn and see.  Fulness of glory crowns fulness of grace in the light of the throne of glory, from grace to grace, from glory to glory.

Fulness of grace overflows into infinite completeness, way beyond what the mind can conceive, way beyond what the soul can encompass, partaking in the timeless completeness that only Holy Trinity knows.  To glorify the revelation of the Name is to trust in the Name’s capacity to save, knowing God as God alone knows God, trusting Holy Trinity.  This means divine oneness opens to ineffable difference, curing division, imparting communion freed from divisive separation, curing confusion.  The fulness of grace is endless, just as the fulness of glory is boundless.  Who can fathom the depths of uncreated grace or comprehend the limits of uncreated glory?  Who is filled by grace that does not overflow with glory?  Only the Spirit discerns the fulness the Father bestows upon the Son, because only the Father knows the fulness Christ offers back to him in the ineffable Name of the Holy Spirit.

The fulness of grace is received by wisdom, giving all glory to God, through God, empowering glorification of God.  The glory of the gift of grace is inexhaustible, transcending all that imagination can conceive.  The glory of completeness fulfils all longing, ecstatically rising from glory to greater glory, without end.  To abide in grace is to dwell in glory, overflowing with abundant grace, glorifying God, the source of grace. From beginning to end, time transcends time as timeless glory without end.  Fulness of grace is glory overflowing from glory into glory, never ceasing to glorify God, through God, to the greater glory of God.  Praise of glory is endless, just as praise of wisdom is endless, overflowing from Holy Trinity, through Holy Trinity, from original to final fulness, from theophanies of alpha to omega completeness. 

Feast of Saint Antony the Great