Wisdom’s deep Discernment

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Wisdom discerns the difference between communion and confusion, difference and division, distinguishing between demonic parody and divine paradox in spheres of wisdom and glory.  Crucial difference stems from the wisdom of the Cross which separates delusion from glory by consuming vanity from vainglory.  The Cross of timeless wisdom lies at the very heart of Christian Orthodoxy because wisdom lies at the heart of the practice of glorification.  Attempts to separate Orthodoxy from wisdom inevitably fall far short of God’s reign of glory because they fail to perceive the connection between wisdom and glory.  Discernment of wisdom is always crucial due to the intrinsic connection between wisdom and glory, a connection which breaks when wisdom is dismissed or demonised.

Wisdom discerns the glory of grace, glory which draws out the implications of the Cross for participation in the resurrection and ascension of Christ.  The Cross overcomes death by death, crucifying all that obstructs resurrection and ascension.  Baptism into Christ’s death resurrects the dead, restoring creation to the glory of Christ’s resurrection and ascension, restoring glory to the Father through the Son.  If wisdom is demonised, glory is condemned to hell, inverting Christ into anti-christ.  The Cross overcomes anti-christ by overcoming Satan and his powers, restoring glory to wisdom and wisdom to glory.  Holy Orthodoxy without wisdom is institutional religion without glory, clever logic without doxa, sophisticated theory bereft of theoria.  Discernment of wisdom discloses glory by revealing the Name of glory which faithfully sustains glorification.

Glory loves wisdom and wisdom loves glory, each discerning their presence in the other, each awakening their co-inherence in and through the other.  Attempts to turn Orthodoxy into an opponent of wisdom always destroy Orthodoxy, turning glorification into idolatry.  When ethnic vanity usurps glorification of God, heretical philetism takes over and the powers of this world destroy Orthodoxy.  Heresies shamelessly fuse to extinguish Holy Orthodoxy, extinguishing the glory of love by extinguishing wisdom.  Discernment of wisdom reveals the glory of Holy Trinity, hallowing Holy Orthodoxy through holy martyrdom, restoring creation to boundless glory.  Glory discerns wisdom at the heart of Holy Orthodoxy, restoring glory to God through God, glorifying God in Holy Trinity.