Wisdom of the Logos

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Saint Clement of Alexandria discerned the wisdom of the Logos beyond the visible boundaries of Christianity, together with purification, illumination and deification in the uncreated light of the Logos of glory, arising in different wisdoms within the all-embracing scope of the eternal Logos.  This gave Patristic wisdom insight into sound wisdom traditions beyond the visible Christian tradition, insight that was directly inspired by the wisdom of the Logos.  Patristic wisdom never denied the wisdom of the Logos and so never demonised wisdom beyond the boundaries of the Christian tradition.  For the Fathers, Christ reigns way beyond the confines of Christendom and the formal boundaries of Christianity.  Of course, demons parody wisdom both inside and outside the Christian tradition, tempting and subverting seekers of holy wisdom, but genuine Christian wisdom never demonises the wisdom of the Logos.

A very common Satanic parody was to subvert communion into confusion. which is monism. or to pervert difference into division, which is dualism.  Patristic wisdom discerned these parodies in different heresies and cured them through purification, illumination and deification, in the uncreated light of the wisdom of the Logos.  Saint Clement found these three spiritual dimensions referred to in the Greek mystery traditions and employed their language to express the wisdom of the Logos in Christianity.  The wisdom of the Logos gave Patristic Orthodoxy insight into integral wisdom wherever it was to be found. The Logos of wisdom was handed down from Saint Clement through Origen to Abba Evagrius and the Cappadocian Fathers, through Saint Denys to Saint Maximus and Saint Gregory Palamas.

The wisdom of the Logos continues to inspire Holy Orthodoxy through Saint Clement of Alexandria, opening Patristic wisdom to the fulness of wisdom that still inspires the Oriental Orthodox East, the Byzantine East and the Latin West.  When, out of pride, spiritual seekers wander away from Christ into other traditions, discernment is required because demonic parody leads to confusion and division whereas the Logos gathers and heals.  When all difference is demonised, dualism sets in and division runs riot.  The wisdom of the Logos is difficult to hear when the Logos is being demonised.  Saint Clement’s witness to the wisdom of the Logos is therefore as crucial today as it has always been, rightly guiding Patristic wisdom as it steers its way beyond the heretical hazards of monism and dualism and other demonic deceptions in age after age.