Name: Glory of Wisdom

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The Name shines with the glory of wisdom in the paradoxes of impasse, shattering the dualisms that confine the mind, revealing glory to wisdom.  The past leaves relics of revelation scattered in desert sand, waiting to be discovered and questioned.  Some question us and our conventional mind-sets, opening us to uncreated wisdom, empowering glorification.  Awareness turns around to see God’s presence, discovering God here, nearer than near, radiant with resonant completeness.

The Name itself is a sort of relic, lying about amidst the debris of Jewish tradition, opaque until the mind awakens in the heart and discerns the ancient tradition anew. Jesus saw God in his Name and left ‘I AM,’ sayings with predicates like ‘way, truth and life,’ with ‘I AM,’ sayings without predicates, such as ‘Before Abraham was, ‘I AM.”  The Name opens all doors into God’s reign of glory, empowering ineffable wisdom with paradox, shattering the dualisms of the binary mind.

The desert conceals many forgotten relics in caves and cells, but none are more precious than the Name, capable of resurrecting mysteries of glory that awaken wisdom.  Glorification lies at the heart of Holy Orthodoxy, revealing God through God, awakening wisdom whose witness was always alive in prophets and apostles.  The sacred tradition springs to life when wisdom dawns, transfiguring elders by opening the eye of the heart, hallowing saints in the Name.