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Poetry of Vision: Wisdom of Stillness

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The unspoken horizon of stillness is given within the revelation of the Name, and its ineffable theophany is given the divine name glory, and its ineffable epiphany is given the divine name wisdom.  Hesychast wisdom inspires a poetry of vision that plays with multifaceted symbolism, which in turn infuses pure prayer of the Spirit in the heart, prayer that assimilates what… Read more »

Eternal Life: Liberating Release

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Eternal life in Christ is liberating release, undoing every reified fixation as way of revelatory truth.  It is deifying life lived out of ‘I AM,’ God dwelling in the midst, the uncreated light of Christ overflowing as transforming grace in disinterested love.  The Name is God’s liberating presence in our midst, which is our life in God, present in his… Read more »

Integral Wisdom: beyond theism, atheism and religionless spirituality

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The Holy Name of Jesus is witness to glory that is profoundly mysterious, not something that is observable in a science laboratory, but which manifests in any oratory of the desert if we put in practice the living tradition’s spiritual injunction to turn and see.  Glory appears on the horizon as a sacred origin and a sacred destination once turning… Read more »

Wisdom, Break-through to Glory

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Break-through into Godhead does not privilege the Father alone but also unveils through the Son as release from worldly powers, and in the Spirit as anarchic arche of freedom.  Wisdom breaks through calculation and control to retrieve boundless glory, irrupting from the Father, opening to wisdom through the Son, releasing unbound glory in the Spirit.  The Holy Name ‘I AM’ is… Read more »

Birth into God, Break-through into Godhead

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Meister Eckhart  says that in the Father, the Son is born in God eternally, the Logos is generated in us incessantly, releasing the Spirit to abide in the Son in us so that in the Spirit we return to the Father instantaneously.  The irruption of the Son in our midst coincides with our break-through into God the Logos, showing that… Read more »

Poverty of spirit: Kingdom of Heaven

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In the desert, philosophy ceases as the unceasing wisdom of the poor in spirit dawns.   Metaphysics, which reified the revelatory moments of wisdom’s unfolding, dissolves as wisdom cleanses the heart.  True poverty of spirit is the action of wisdom’s radiance not a sophisticated conceptual clarification.  Wisdom throws metaphysics into crisis as glory opens old ways in the desert, ways… Read more »

Elijah: Prophet of Prayer

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As the prophet of prayer, Elijah turns the hearts of spiritual fathers to their children and the hearts of spiritual children to their fathers, lest the curse of separation overcome us. (Malachi 4: 4-6)  The prophet Malachi bears witness to the holy function of Elijah, the function of turning hearts to ‘I AM,’ God’s presence in his self-revelatory Name, imparted… Read more »

Name, Glory and Wisdom in the Odes

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The Odes of Solomon bear witness that nothing is outside God or opposed to God (Ode 34).  As above, so below, revealing that below is naught in itself, being heaven above wed with earth here below, known in God through God, as God alone knows.  For the Odist, God became as we are so that we may be as he… Read more »

Wisdom’s Name means love

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The Apostle says he imparts wisdom, the secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God ordained before the ages for our glory (1 Cor 2:7).  This wisdom no eye sees, no ear hears, nor heart imagines, but love prepares for all who love God. all who love enemies as themselves.  This hidden wisdom is revealed by the Holy Spirit to… Read more »

Integral Orthodox Wisdom

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The integral Orthodox wisdom of ‘I AM’ with divine predicates handles multiple Orthodox perspectives within flexible, expanding meta-perspectives, which are timelessly renewed by trans-persectival Orthodox wisdom, the wisdom of ‘I AM’ beyond all predicates.  This trans-persectival wisdom heals narcissistic nihilism by guiding narrow, shallow perspectives toward wider and deeper meta-perspectives, capable of embracing what their divisive exclusions were condemning.  Free… Read more »