Name, Glory and Wisdom in the Odes

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The Odes of Solomon bear witness that nothing is outside God or opposed to God (Ode 34).  As above, so below, revealing that below is naught in itself, being heaven above wed with earth here below, known in God through God, as God alone knows.  For the Odist, God became as we are so that we may be as he is.  Divine lover and human beloved wed in Christ, who clothes in uncreated light all who are baptised and chrismated in his Name ‘I AM.’  Remembrance of God in his Name unveils ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM,’ dissolving division that insinuates death, resurrecting union that is timeless life.  Faces unveil when ‘I AM’ is revealed, uncovering the truth of ‘I AM'(Ode 13).  Glory indwells the saints in God and glorifies God in his saints, that through them the blind may see, seers as they are seen, indwelling wisdom through Logos. The Spirit hallows God’s Name so that God’s Kingdom of Spirit comes, revealing God in his saints to the world.  The world cannot receive God without God, so God turns the world right round into his light, infusing the world with his glory.  Glory glorifies the hallowed world so that it is holy, a holy scripture of transfiguring words (logoi), agreeing with the Logos of Holy Scripture that nothing separates the world from God.  The Odes spring from glory, like the Fourth Gospel, three Johannine Epistles and Revelation, glory the Beloved Disciple transmitted through the Name ‘I AM.’

The Fourth Gospel is glory’s witness to ‘I AM,’ unveiling the beauty of the Name.  For the Odist, there is no corruption in ‘I AM,’ so all who are clothed in the Name put on incorruption, stripped of corruption by ‘I AM.’  Glory bears witness to ‘I AM’ by invoking Hallelu Yah, sending God’s sealed epistle, written in his own hand, unveiling the tri-une hallowing Name.  ‘I AM’ is life-giving water offered to all who thirst, a sparkling fountain pouring forth from the heart.  Grace sings a promise of unconditioned joy, resting in the peace of the Name.  ‘I AM’ is way, truth and life for those who cross over into peace and great is the peace of those who glorify this Name.  ‘I AM’ is all-encompassing for all those who are one in ‘I AM,’ faces unveiled by the unveiled Face, faces shining in uncreated light.  Crowned by ‘I AM,’ the Name unveils God in the midst of all seven subtle centres, all seven heavens emptying all seven hells, witnessed by the Beloved Disciple as the healing of her seven demons.  ‘I AM’ is one at centre where hells below are heavens above here in the midst.  The Odist knows that ‘I AM’ is undying and transmits undying life as death to deadly spiritual death in the midst of life, living this death to death as undying life.  Dying into timeless life happens anew in every moment, so that rebirth into undying life occurs anew in every moment.

The unveiled Face of glory destroys the power of death, whilst hell is vanquished by the power of Logos.  Desert flowers and blossoms ripen into fruits of wisdom and glory.  The dead rise anew in every moment as graves open anew in every moment, not opening to the blind who refuse to see but to seers who rise with Christ into the glory of resurrection.  The Beloved Disciple witnesses to resurrection from within Christ resurrected, opening wisdom’s eye of the heart so that we can see.  Outside this uncreated light, the dead are dead and graves remain closed, glory hidden by death because wisdom is shut out.  There is a powerful seduction abroad in the world that blinds the heart and binds them, shut out to light and glory.  The seducers are those who are seduced by its power, all who remain closed to the glory of ‘I AM.’  Death still reigns in the absence of light, and sometimes appears to have the last word.  

But the Odist knows that ‘I AM’ reigns and that glory’s Kingdom raises all who awaken to the hallowed Name.  ‘ I AM’ releases seers who trust the Name to save and turns hells of purgatorial fire into heavens of purifying light and light into realms of transfiguring glory.  Death is destroyed and with it the destruction that seduction brings.  Seduction accuses wisdom of deception but wisdom undeceives as she gathers the undeceived into glory.   Abiding in ‘I AM,’ timeless life unveils truth as way.  The Name shatters death and hell, releasing ‘I AM’ from separation, whilst dissolving confusion, its cause, opening glory in the Name to glory.  Crowns of glory blossom with hallowing light, opening the eye of the Name, awakening the eye of the heart.  With face unveiled, glory unveils every face to God’s Face of glory, ‘I AM,’ flawless image of ‘I AM,’ in whose likeness glory is restored.  Prophets transmit to apostles what elders impart to saints, the Name unveiled to wisdom in the Spirit, discerning glory.  The Odist bequeaths us doxological Odes as a Song of Songs, conceived in the womb of hallowing doxophany, in profound union with theophanies of ‘I AM’ in the Gospel of John.  The Beloved Disciple remains anonymous, concealing all reasons for this anonymity, veiling ineffable epiphanies of a nameless ‘I AM,’ unveiling hidden wisdom, the glory of the Name.