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Circle of Completeness

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Christ reveals his glory in us by sending the Spirit to unveil his wisdom to us, deifying creation in us for the good of all, completing the circle of completeness.   Deification is the grace of Christ’s resurrection and ascension conjoined with the grace of Christ’s glorification, which descends with the Spirit like a dove.  Ascent transcends all resistance to God whilst… Read more »

Body of Light and Glory

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The Song of the Name is not unreasonable in its humble awareness of God present and aware of God’s ever-present awareness, humbly aware of the presence and awareness of God.  But it is in unknowing that awareness knows as it is known.  When rationalistic thinking usurps the heart, what is lost is awareness of the body as uncreated light.  This… Read more »

Contrition without Contention

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Conventional religiosity prefers contention without contrition, whereas Saint Silouan the Hesychast taught contrition without contention, preferring the immeasurable measures of love.  Contention finds fault with those out there, whilst contrition knows the fault lies nearer home, but does not collapse into the narcissism of self-obsessed self-hatred, for here at home, love dwells where God dwells.  Love leaps over the hyper-sensitivity of… Read more »

Name Binding

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‘Name Binding’ was the way Saint Patrick unveiled the remembrance of God in his Lorica, his Breastplate invocation of the Name.  ‘I bind unto myself the Name,’ he chanted, communicating ‘Name Binding’ as bondage breaking, an unbinding that binds powers of bondage by releasing them with blessed bonds of boundless love.  The wisdom of Saint Patrick’s Lorica breaks, then binds, then… Read more »

Thrice Holy Turning

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When awareness turns, awareness becomes aware of awareness, but does not yet know love of knower as love known.   Turning is not yet illumination and so does not yet awaken to the uncreated light of love.  When love dawns, the uncreated light of love turns illumination round, which in turn is not yet glorification, because light is not yet… Read more »


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Holy Orthodoxy remembers Pentecost first of all as the descent of the Holy Spirit with tongues of fire, then as the revelation of the Holy Trinity, then as the Spirit-filled gathering of all in the Holy Eucharist, initiating hallowed communion in which all things were held in common for the Common Good (Acts 2: 42-47).   For desert seers, the revelation of… Read more »

Communion of Saints

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The Communion of Saints holds all things in common for the Common Good, because the glorification of saints looks back at the great revolution which turned everything round, as something already given, as grace already present, a cause for indescribable rejoicing.  For the saints, there is no trace left of inequality, of oppression, of widening rifts between rich and poor,… Read more »

Prayer of the Spirit

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The Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart glorifies the Father with the Son, ascribing glory to God in the midst of all falls from glory.  It does not wallow in the falling gravity of endless falls, but undoes the power of falling by reversing it in accordance with the ascending gravity of heaven.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide… Read more »

Pride’s Dilemma

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It is self-evident to pride that we must save ourselves by believing right things and doing things right, because being saved by grace is literally inconceivable.  Proud self-righteousness is a very anxious business because it is haunted by fear that it is in the wrong, anxious that pride puts it in the wrong by falling short of glory.  Pride lives very close to… Read more »

Wisdom steps back and stands steadfast

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Standing back from the incompleteness of life’s strains and stresses, wisdom turns and sees the glory of timeless freedom in the hallowed realms of union and communion.   Anxiety resists hallowing communion but dissolves when union weds time with timeless wisdom, releasing illumination into glorification.  Prophecy regenerates the imagination with new ways of telling old stories, whilst prayer of the… Read more »