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Praxis of Theoria

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The praxis of theoria is the practice of contemplative wisdom that sustains the vision of God in Holy Trinity, standing back from fixated conceptions and conventions.  The Spirit blows where it wills, inspiring the practice of wisdom that nourishes the remembrance of God.  The eye of wisdom penetrates through obscurities, leaping right over mountains of resistance, leaving no trace of… Read more »

Dance of Hope

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Can dancing hope renew trust with love?  Can dancing love restores hope with glorifying trust?  Will dancing trust generate beauty with hope-filled jubilation?  Jubilee celebration unites generations with dancing ecstasy, calling sacred and secular to dance one dance, empowering young and old to dance without restraint, bearing unspoken witness to wisdom’s dance of glory in heavenly realms.  Rainbow light dances with spontaneous… Read more »

Metanoia and Theoria

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The cultivation of metanoia, turning, upholds theoria, seeing, which awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, initiating seers into healing glory.  Theosis, deification, begins when metanoia turns awareness round and centres in God in the heart, seeing God, through God in God, Holy Trinity.  Vision of God, theoria, is not visual perception or imaginative visualisation but pure awareness of uncreated, originating presence,… Read more »

The Ilyinist Parody

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Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) said that evil begins where the person begins, inverting the vision of the person that inspired Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, turning Holy Orthodoxy into an ideological gnosticism serving totalitarian Russian nationalism.  Ilyinism sharpened White Russian ideology into Slav Fascism, giving to Mussolini and Hitler the right-wing Hegelianism he thought they needed to oppose Bolshevism, justifying Russian totalitarianism.  A century… Read more »

Joy of Grace

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Joy loves grace in the hearts of martyrs who suffer in Christ’s Holy Name and who witness to the knowledge of the Most High, sealed with mystery since before the foundation of the world.  Red martyrdom sheds blood that flows into the redemptive blood of Christ, whilst white martyrdom rejoins the uncreated light of Christ, both of them aware that uncreated life is… Read more »

God-centred Wisdom

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God-centred wisdom reveals sound insight that sees that nothing falls outside God’s omnipresent glory.  Wisdom’s sound intent does not fixate exclusively on created things but focuses on glory which is God in action empowering grace, uncovering the crucial difference between self-centred fixation and liberating focus.  Insight is focus, not fixation, attentive openness, not conceptual reification.  The practice of wisdom turns… Read more »

Giver of Life

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The Holy Spirit is the giver of life, unveiling eternal life in Christ to the glory of the Father, communicating deifying life without confusing the uncreated with the created or dividing their holy union from the communion of saints.  The Spirit is holy because it grants eternal life to those who turn and see the glory of God, unveiling liberating release… Read more »

Dynamic Completeness

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In the beginning, the Logos names the Holy Name upstream from ordinary language, showing us how to turn the light of awareness round to awaken the heart to the glory of God.  The Name unveils the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit, crowning saints with uncreated light.  Crown and throne are ancient symbols of uncreated glory pointing to… Read more »

Circle of Completeness

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Christ reveals his glory in us by sending the Spirit to unveil his wisdom to us, deifying creation in us for the good of all, completing the circle of completeness.   Deification is the grace of Christ’s resurrection and ascension conjoined with the grace of Christ’s glorification, which descends with the Spirit like a dove.  Ascent transcends all resistance to God whilst… Read more »

Body of Light and Glory

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The Song of the Name is not unreasonable in its humble awareness of God present and aware of God’s ever-present awareness, humbly aware of the presence and awareness of God.  But it is in unknowing that awareness knows as it is known.  When rationalistic thinking usurps the heart, what is lost is awareness of the body as uncreated light.  This… Read more »