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Church’s New Year

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Wisdom renews all that there is, dissolving thoughts of past and future, restoring everything to timeless glory.  Cutting through time, wisdom reveals timeless presence of timeless glory, uniting heaven and earth in renewing glorification. Grace makes known God’s zeal for glorification, liberating ecstatic praise, releasing ineffable wisdom fulfilling all in all. Wisdom consumes confusion, dissolving division, renewing creation anew is… Read more »


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Divine-human co-inherence embraces us by releasing divisive thinking that confuses us with its condemnations, opening us to Christ in his Name. The mysteries of glory are mysteries of co-inherence which cut through confusion and leap over division, granting grace that completes our incompleteness. Mysteries of glorification are mysteries of gracious completeness, opening us to union with God in wisdom, transfiguring us… Read more »

Wings of the Spirit

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The Spirit’s wings guard the heart, outstretched by the sign of the Cross, extended to embrace the whole world, expanding to the depths of hell.  Wisdom trusts the Cross to illumine the mind in the heart, deifying saints in the glory of the Holy Name of God. Winged trust rises above abysmal depths of despair, enabling the heart to soar over… Read more »

Firing the Pearl

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Firing the priceless pearl reverses the fall so that the tentacles of satanic inversion release and infernal chains fall away.  Holy firing is essential to the cultivation of wisdom, therefore crucial for the practice of glorification. Metanoia turns awareness round to see God in the midst, whilst theoria sees God as God sees God, awakening to Holy Trinity.   Firing the… Read more »

Confirmation, not information

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What the informational mind sees as repetition, wisdom sees as confirmation, repeatably dancing round symbols to confirm them in the heart.  What the informational mind would edit out, the heart embraces as wisdom, integrating what the mind excludes. These two mentalities are not distinguished until wisdom dawns, dissolving confusion and divisive exclusion, releasing imposed, rational control. Wisdom loves repeated clarification because she loves… Read more »


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Stillness abides in uncreated light, revealing glory to wisdom, knowing God as God knows God, transcending worldly knowledge.  Stillness awakens the inmost heart where God dwells, revealing glory to wisdom, uniting awareness with presence through the Holy Name of God.  Hesychast tradition bears witness to the divine presence, partaking in the timeless life of heaven, which is God’s eternal life in heavenly… Read more »

Holy Doubt

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Holy doubt dismantles the worldly certainties which usurp God, parodies which parade themselves in worldly minds like false gods, claiming allegiance in opposition to the wholesome reign of God.  Holy doubt works together with faith in God, supporting trust, in contrast to worldly doubt, which undermines trust in God.  The ‘Book of Revelation’ contains the heart of Biblical insight into discernment between these… Read more »

Holy Spirit of Truth

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The Holy Spirit of Truth frees the heart from the bondage of distracting thoughts, stilling the mind in the heart, awakening the spirit of humankind to the loving-kindness of God.  The golden energy of uncreated light crowns seers with the golden light of God’s throne, filling lower and higher energy centres with light, uniting both with the glory of God Most High.  Golden… Read more »

Mother Wisdom: A Prayer

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O Thou That Art, revealing ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM,’ be Thou my delight, Mother Wisdom, through the grace of Thy Glory!  Thou art my life, light of my heart, love of my life! Open my heart to Thee, my Bride, my Beloved!  May nothing separate me from thee, here in God’s Holy Presence, here in His vision of Thee, Mother… Read more »

Power of Openness

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Wisdom awakens awareness to uncreated awareness in the fifth dimension beyond the three dimensions of space and the fourth of time, awakening presence to uncreated presence of glory in the sixth dimension, revealing oneness of wisdom and glory in the seventh, rising to empowering openness of wisdom through glory in the eighth.   Awareness of uncreated awareness is bright peace, dissolving delusion like a… Read more »