Holy Spirit of Truth

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The Holy Spirit of Truth frees the heart from the bondage of distracting thoughts, stilling the mind in the heart, awakening the spirit of humankind to the loving-kindness of God.  The golden energy of uncreated light crowns seers with the golden light of God’s throne, filling lower and higher energy centres with light, uniting both with the glory of God Most High.  Golden energies gather everything into the glory of God’s Shekhinah, uniting with the wisdom of God’s Logos, wedded with the Spirit’s love that knows no bounds.  The heart has seven sealed openings, each of which fills the body with light, uniting mind and heart in the embrace of peace.

The Beloved Disciple suffered from seven demons that Christ cast out, revealing seven angels of divine presence, seven faces of glory reflecting the unveiled face of Christ. Wisdom gave the Beloved Disciple insight into the mysteries of glory which has never ceased to illumine the Church, transcending institutional structures with overflowing wisdom, generating glory from generation to generation.  Christ’s wisdom is decisive, not the power structures of this world, because Christ is the unceasing inspiration that gathers turned hearts into the holy reign of God.  Seats in church are not what wisdom sees but hearts in God, seers who see as they are seen.

The Beloved Disciple was persecuted, like Christ himself, but martyrdom sees with the eye of wisdom, as Christ sees, not with the worldly perception of ruling powers.  Holy martyrs are freed from oppression, liberated by the Holy Spirit of radical openness. They are not crushed by oppressive despair, but released.  Openness enlightens minds and hearts with golden glory, Shekhinah presence, uniting heaven and earth.  Bodily energy dissolves back into uncreated light as light ascends into uncreated glory. Wisdom’s mysteries of glory are hidden to all except those who turn and see, transfiguring seers into saints in the reign of the Name.