Formless Turning

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Formless metanoia turns the light of awareness round so that formless theoria sees the glory of God on earth as it is in heaven.  The Father is the source of the Son’s generation and the Spirit’s procession, but the vision of God is formless, transcending sensation and perception.  The practice of formless theoria discerns the glory of grace deifying sinners, transforming them into saints, empowering theoria with theosis. Wisdom looks back into glory, turning awareness round, glorifying God through God, restoring glory to God with recollected remembrance.  Formless glorification congeals created with uncreated energy communicating communion without confusion, curing division with indivisible union, perfectly conjoining divine activity with human receptivity. 

Formless turning awakens formless seeing in the cave of the heart, revealing the mystery of divine-human union at the heart of all mysteries of communion.  The Great Way, moreover, is formless, opening oneness to infinity, infinity to formless openness.  Turning neither strives nor clings, freeing seeing to neither stress nor grasp, liberating invocation of the Name into formless remembrance of God.  Dull vacuity dispels when remembrance of God awakens, curing cold indifference with uncreated fire. Burning passions are purified by the living flame of love when the Song of Songs unveils the Holy of Holies.  Seeing begins with turning but turns into formless seeing, hallowing and deifying saints with the grace of the Name.

Metanoia turns hearts inside out and outside in, turning theoria outside in and inside out.  Heaven shares grace liberally in time whilst knowing the timeless incisiveness of wisdom and timeless directness of glory, which turn temporal ways and means into the incisive directness of timeless theosis.  Each phase is more subtle that the last, refining wisdom in glory and glory with wisdom.  Wisdom’s Great Reversal reverts satanic inversions and perversions one after the other but wisdom sees this temporal process all at once, unveiling glory all at once, because wisdom and glory are inherently timeless.  Being formless from beginning to end, metanoia and theoria reveal formless theosis, timeless in scope though temporal in its daily practice.