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Trusting wisdom’s recognition

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Elders do not trust themselves but in wisdom’s recognition of God present and aware in his Name.  The Holiest of Holy Unions at centre in the midst cannot be grasped conceptually or analysed logically without degenerating into reifications which seduce the unconfused into confusion and the indivisible into division.  Seers live from the mysteries of this union but do not presume to… Read more »

Stillness and Wonder

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Saint Isaac the Syrian was witness in the Spirit to the Spirit’s prayer of stillness and wonder which lies at the heart of Orthodox Christian Hesychasm to this day.  He gives the name ‘spiritual prayer’ to the prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart, a stillness of heart which plunges the heart into awestruck wonder, an experience of the… Read more »

Hesychast Wisdom and Patriotism

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Grace reveals the glory of Christ in his unveiled Face in the light of the Holy Spirit, restoring glory to the Father which restores the vainglory of warring nationalistic hells to the true glory of hallowed, harmonious heavens on earth.  The glory of this grace is wisdom’s joy, not the wisdom of a speculative sophiological Sophia, such as we find in… Read more »

Prayer of the Spirit in the heart

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The prayer of the Spirit in the heart is unceasing but unnoticed until wisdom discerns glory in enlightened vision (theoria).  The Jesus prayer contains two divine Names, Lord (YHWH) and Jesus (YAH shuah), but the third revelatory Name, ‘I AM,’ (EHYEH), is implicit, because when it is God who speaks, the two third person Names, YHWH and YAH, are both revelations… Read more »

In Thee, by Thee, now-I am

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Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, canonised by the Patriarch of Constantinople on November 27th 2019, completes what he calls his Confession and Spiritual Autobiography (‘We shall see him as he is.’ 1988) with witness to the Name ‘I AM.’  “Now, O my Christ, in Thee and by Thee…Now – I am” (‘We shall see him’ p 234).  This witness cost him… Read more »

Glory: primordial, teleological and eschatological.

The revelation of the Name in us purifies the heart with the presence of glory, the glory of the Son that precedes the foundation of the world.  This is purification in the primordial glory of the beginning, the archeological glory out of which creation arises, the original glory of paradise before all falls.  God’s Name glorifies the Son in us,… Read more »

Hidden wisdom

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Saint Paul speaks scathingly of the conventional wisdom of reigning, worldly powers, only to insist that he imparts hidden wisdom that discerns the glory of grace, wisdom that glorifies God, glory that glorifies those who awaken to its hallowing glory (1 Cor 1: 2-10).  Scholars sometimes speak of the Apostle’s irony at this point but the Apostle’s hidden wisdom is not… Read more »

Covenant of the Name in the desert

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The covenant of the Name is an everlasting covenant of peace whose foundation is wisdom’s embrace of glory that sustains the Name, ‘I AM,’ God’s indwelling presence in the midst of his covenant community and the whole created cosmos (Exodus 3:14-17; Ezekiel 37: 26-28).  This covenant of the Name in the desert is trustworthy and sure, being a covenant of grace… Read more »

From God to God: ineffable returning

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Desert wisdom bears living witness, in the Spirit, to ineffable returning in Christ, who is from God and to God he is returning.  Christ names the Name from God, and imparts the Name for our returning.  Coming forth from the Father, Christ bears witness that he and the Father are one (John 10:30).  Returning to the Father, he bears witness… Read more »