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Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth comes to guide us into all truth, that is, truth in its wholeness and completeness.  Fear haunts the institutions of incompleteness, returning in dreary dreams of incompleteness to frighten us back into the clutches of reigning powers, clinging to familiar darkness.  Authorities may appear benign until the Spirit unveils what they really are, blind guides that… Read more »

Flame of the Name: Kiss of Peace

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The Name seals the heart with a flame of love stronger than death, a flame of Yah consuming confusion and diffusing division at the heart of the Burning Bush.  The seal’s transfiguring flame purifies desire of all that usurps God, illumining the heart by unveiling divine desire, embracing a glorified earth with heaven’s ineffable wisdom. Earthly loves are completed when passionate heavenly… Read more »

Book of Revelation: Mysteries of Glorification

The Book of Revelation unveils the glory of the life, death and resurrection of Christ in the light of his ascension and glorification, opening the prophetic imagination to the mysteries of his glorification, which are the consummating completion of Biblical prophecy.  As the only work of Christian canonical prophecy in the New Testament, the Apocalypse is also the culmination of Christian prophetic… Read more »

Awakened Heart of Stillness

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Stillness abides at the heart of awareness where wisdom beholds the presence of glory in the Name, a womb of infinite ineffability that grounds purification of the heart.  Stillness does not waver from the heart of awareness that is awake to the presence of glory.  Beyond rational description, pictorial imagination and literal expression, stillness abides where awareness of presence embraces the presence of… Read more »

Practice of Turning and Seeing

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Orthodox Christian Hesychasm is not a divisive, sectarian phenomenon but the living wisdom of the hallowing Spirit, awake in Christ to the generous grace of the Father of light and glory.  Metanoia turns the light of awareness round to awaken to theoria, seeing that sees who sees at centre, illumined vision of uncreated light that unveils the glory of grace.  Saint David’s metanoia… Read more »

Saint David’s Wisdom

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Rhygyfarch’s Life of Saint David says that it was angelic prophecy, communicated to his father, Sanctus, and to Saint Patrick thirty years before his birth, that spoke of the honeycomb of Saint David’s wisdom, the fish of his abiding in the seas of uncreated light and the stag of his royal dominion over the ancient serpent.  In 1836, Rice Rees, in… Read more »

Gospel of Glory

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The Gospel of the glory of grace turns the light of awareness round to unite the mind and the heart in the uncreated light of glory.  This utterly simple mystery transcends all that thought can grasp, yet Hesychast elders think this through to the end, which is the end of confusion and the beginning of indivisible communion.  Ineffability is not… Read more »

Sin against the Spirit

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In all three synoptic gospels, Jesus speaks of the sin against the Holy Spirit and says any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven except blasphemy against the Spirit  (Mt 12: 31-32; Lk 12:10; Mk 3:29).  In an age of spiritual confusion and divisive fundamentalism, it is inevitable that spiritual narcissism demonises everything except one’s own egocentric or ethnocentric religion, sect or… Read more »

Prayer in Spirit and in Truth

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Prayer in Spirit discerns the truth of Christ in the oneness of the hallowed Name, giving voice to the glory that unites heaven and earth.  What elders call glorification is the experience of wisdom’s embrace of glory that unites all who turn and see God present here at centre in the midst.  The oneness of this voice of glorification unites angels… Read more »

Name and Face

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The way of the Name is the way of the unveiled Face, ever-moving, ever still.  The Spirit is everywhere present without departing from Christ’s union with the Father for a moment.  Wisdom serenely abides in the glory of the Name without separating from Christ or wavering from his union with the Father.  The Spirit of wise awareness does not flit around like… Read more »