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Great Peace

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                                          Taught by the Name,  Great Peace reigns. Frank Lake’s personal paternal legacy 1914-1982 was confirmed by Sylvia M Lake 1917-2006:  “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord and Great shall be the Peace of thy children.”    … Read more »

Union with God

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Union with God pierces heart and mind with cauterising flame, enlightening the mind in the heart, severing glory from vanity by consuming confusion and dissolving division. Union by grace restores glory to God, purifying the heart by consuming vainglory, illumining the mind in the awakened heart, glorifying saints in the hallowed Name. Union by grace proceeds through Christ from the Father… Read more »

Timeless Completeness

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The Completeness of God is ‘eternally now,’ unveiling temporal incompleteness in timeless presence, awakening uncreated wisdom in uncreated glory. Christ, divine but human, communicates theandric co-inherence by grace to all who receive him, embracing the cosmos with cosmo-theandric glory. The Holy Spirit enlightens seers with uncreated wisdom, transfiguring saints with uncreated glory, communicating mysteries of glorification to all whose hearts are open. Orthodox Hesychasm… Read more »

Timeless Witness

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The Holy Spirit is the timeless witness who prays without ceasing, overcoming confusion and division with ineffable freedom.   Christ is the Word of God who, with the Holy Spirit, timelessly bears witness to the Father, revealing God’s reign of glory in Holy Trinity. The Spirit sees God in all and all in God, bearing witness to God’s reign of glory… Read more »

Gift of Tears

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The gift of tears matures into enlightened compunction, by way of turned contrition, puncturing the heart with uncreated energy, enlightening the mind in the heart, deifying the created in uncreated glory. The wound of love, vulnus amoris, punctures the heart pierced by the grace of the Name, uniting created with uncreated energies with deifying glorification, crowning the eye of wisdom whose… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth bears witness to the indivisible wholeness of God, indivisible in oneness, infinite in scope, opening speech to prophecy and intercession to pure prayer. The Covenant of grace awakens hearts to deifying glorification, completing incompleteness in the reign of deifying completeness.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory in the Name, sustaining uncreated light in the reign of grace,… Read more »

Gardens of Paradise

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Holy is the Name that opens gardens of paradise, revealing God present in the midst, unveiling the way of peace to sinners, through Apostles and Prophets, unveiling saints. Holy is the way of the Name that quenches thirst for heaven on earth, emptying vanity from vainglory, revealing pure glory, bearing fruits of light in shimmering radiance. Holy is the light… Read more »

Wings of the Spirit

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The Spirit’s wings guard the heart, outstretched by the sign of the Cross, extended to embrace the whole world, expanding to the depths of hell.  Wisdom trusts the Cross to illumine the mind in the heart, deifying saints in the glory of the Holy Name of God. Winged trust rises above abysmal depths of despair, enabling the heart to soar over… Read more »

Breath by Breath

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The Holy Spirit sustains us breath by breath, divine life renewing life with life, revealing love through love, with love’s inexhaustible glory. The presence of God infuses us with deifying presence in the Name, inhaled by glory as glory is exhaled as the inexhaustible glory of the Holy Name. Oneness of God transfigures everything, encompassing all in all with ineffable… Read more »

Bearing Holy Witness

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The Father bears holy witness to the Kingdom through the Son, bearing holy witness to his reign of union in the Holy Spirit, restoring glory to God with Christ’s holy witness to the Father in the Holy Spirit.  The restoration of glory bears holy witness to God’s completeness completing our incompleteness, the consummation of our destiny and deliverance in the vision… Read more »