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Ecstatic Joy

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When awareness unites with presence, ecstatic joy blesses wisdom’s communion with glory on the inside of the Holy of Holies.  This is the wondrous opening of the eye of wisdom in the heart.  Elders point directly to the eye of wisdom, cutting straight through to enlightenment in uncreated light.  Wonder steps back into the translucent clarity of wisdom, emptying awareness… Read more »

Praxis of Theoria

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The praxis of theoria is the practice of contemplative wisdom that sustains the vision of God in Holy Trinity, standing back from fixated conceptions and conventions.  The Spirit blows where it wills, inspiring the practice of wisdom that nourishes the remembrance of God.  The eye of wisdom penetrates through obscurities, leaping right over mountains of resistance, leaving no trace of… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth is Truth, not our conceptual perception of something true, so if we remain attached to perception, what we have is perception, not Truth, nor the Spirit of Truth.  Awakening to the Spirit of Truth transcends perception but includes intuitive apperception which wisdom infuses in the Spirit.  Truth is not something or nothing, nor is it exhausted… Read more »

Into Thy Hands

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Into thy hands I commend my spirit, into thy Spirit I release my life, into thy presence I release my awareness, into thy Name I fly with angel’s wings, joining winged awareness with humble trust.  For it is thou who art my life, here on earth, rejoining grace with heavenly glory, ceasing to cling to thy signs and symbols, but… Read more »

Father of infinite Love

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Wisdom hallows the Name of the Father, discerning his reign of love through the Son, awakening in the light of the Holy Spirit to the uncreated glory of love.  Earthly fathers may fall short of the loving recognition that sons need from their fathers, but the heavenly Father imparts healing recognition in the Name, ensuring traumatic brokenness is cured.  Wisdom sees past… Read more »

Way of the Name

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The way of the Name is straight and simple in the gaze of wisdom’s ‘single eye,’ pure and clear as the kiss of peace, luminous and enlightening within the embrace of grace. The saving light of grace is uncreated, purifying and enlightening the heart, releasing awareness from divisive confusion.  The wisdom of the Gospel of John is decisive for Hesychast saints… Read more »

Recollected Light

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Turning the light of awareness round recollects uncreated light at centre, recognising the uncreated energy of glory in the Holy Spirit.  Pure being awakens within uncreated non-being when glory awakens, recollecting uncreated light.  The pearl of great price shines in the midst, turning awareness round to unite with God’s presence in the heart.  Tongues of fire speak clearer than words, renewing creation… Read more »

Infinite Openness

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Wisdom abides in the glory of infinite openness which is the mind of Christ in which the Spirit abides.  The Spirit does not waver from the mind of Christ, or dither between dualities but centres  where Christ is perfect freedom.  The glory of Christ is expansive openness, free from confusion and division, dissolving confusion into union, healing division with communion…. Read more »

Realm of the Name

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God’s realm of the Name is free of confusion and division, so frees the heart from confusion and division by purification and illumination, sustaining glorification.  Since, in God, there is no confusion, indivisible union is timelessly present, spontaneously purifying the heart.  Freedom is valued not because there are regimes that poison and imprison those who resist oppression, but because God’s… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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Awakening in the Spirit of Truth to the Father through Christ opens the heart to glorification of the Father in Christ, imparting glorification in the Spirit to the saints, without which discernment of the truth of glory is not yet revealed.  Elders were once drawn from senior hierarchs as well as unordained monks, discerning the difference between glorification of God and… Read more »