Bearing Holy Witness

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The Father bears holy witness to the Kingdom through the Son, bearing holy witness to his reign of union in the Holy Spirit, restoring glory to God with Christ’s holy witness to the Father in the Holy Spirit.  The restoration of glory bears holy witness to God’s completeness completing our incompleteness, the consummation of our destiny and deliverance in the vision of God, awakening the heart to the mind of Christ, uniting mind and heart in Holy Trinity.  When wisdom dawns, glory is revealed, wisdom bearing holy witness to glory and glory bearing holy witness to wisdom.

Blessed are all who bear holy witness to God by hallowing his Name, because in the Name of the Father, God’s Kingdom comes and holy will is done.  The mind no longer thinks about wisdom, but is transfigured by wisdom in the Name, decisively turning from worldly opinions to the glory of the age to come.  The difference between thoughts about wisdom and direct awakening to wisdom is decisive because wisdom infinitely transcends opinions.  Woe betide those who prefer vain opinion to the wisdom of God, because pride spawns endless subtle heresies and futile vanities.

Desert elders have always known the crucial difference between worldly knowledge and mystical wisdom, which bears humble witness to direct awakening by cutting through vain opinion.  Desert wisdom renews holy tradition by bearing witness to genuine tradition in generation after generation.  The Holy Spirit prays without ceasing, awakening prayer through prophecy, sustaining prayer of the heart.  Verbal prayer gives way to unceasing prayer when the Spirit bears holy witness to beatific vision, God’s vision of God, revealing ‘words,’ of the Word, holy logoi, through wisdom.