‘I AM,’ is God’s Name

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‘I AM,’ is God’s Name, so God is aware, ‘I,’ as well as present, ‘AM.’  To turn is to turn awareness round to awaken to God’s awareness, as well as to be aware of the presence of God’s presence.  This personal awareness awakens us to God’s personal presence, a mystery which lies at the heart of enlightenment.  The key to this mystery is the revelation of God’s Holy Name, ‘I AM,’ which enlightens the mind in the heart.  Without it, there would be divine presence but no awakening, uncreated ‘AM,’ but no ‘I’, uncreated presence but no turning, no seeing.

Many sense presence without awakening to God’s personal presence, because few actually turn as they are turned, or see as they are seen.  God loves us all and seeks our salvation, which is why he turns us round that we may see as we are seen.  Divine love always has our turning at heart, that we might see as we are seen.  Indeed, divine love loves to awaken us to love through love, which is grace, supremely personal yet wholly universal, perfectly effectual in its power and glory, because awakening to God’s love is always utterly personal.

The completeness of presence lies in awareness, awareness of God’s awareness as well as the presence of God’s presence.  It is the turning of awareness which awakens us to God’s presence, enlightens us with his wisdom, reveals to us his glory.  It is uncreated light which is decisive in personal awakening to God’s personal presence.  Both Quakers and Hesychasts agree that awakening to uncreated light through uncreated light is decisive, because it is uncreated light which awakens us to Christ in the midst, indeed, the light of Christ is always uncreated.