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Wisdom calling

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Confusion and division corrupt perception but wisdom stands steadfast in the midst, calling to her children to come out from corruption into undying light, saying:  ‘Turn and see God here at centre, healing the corruption of the usurper.  Listen to the Word that names the Name and awaken in the Spirit who hallows by unveiling glory, curing the corruption of confusion… Read more »

Wisdom Song

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Wisdom Song is the music of angels in heaven so it is no surprise that it sustains the angelic life of saints on earth.  Wisdom ascribes glory to God so as to empty vain glory of vanity everywhere.   Wisdom song sings of the glory of Great Peace, in peace praying for peace that glory may lead from glory to greater… Read more »

Wisdom, Prophecy and Prayer

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Healthy Orthodox Christianity bears witness to Christ as wisdom, renewing tradition through prophecy and assimilating wisdom through prayer.  When wisdom is neglected, it becomes impossible to tell the difference between wholesome orthodoxy and heresy.  Gnosticism fell into heresy when the Church’s healthy gnosis was lost and divisive confusion broke her wholesome union of communion, causing divisive schism.  Ever since the second century,… Read more »

Harmony of Wisdom: Wisdom in Harmony

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On Monday March 18th 2019, the Harmony Project in the University of Lampeter, inspired by the Sophia Harmony Initiative of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, published an essay on the Harmony Project Website by Father Silouan, entitled: ‘The Practice of Harmony in Orthodox Christian Wisdom,’   There is a link to this at the bottom of the Wisdom… Read more »

Saint David in Jerusalem

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In chapter 45 of his Life of St David, (c 1081-1095), Rhygyfarch tells us that St David visited the Patriarch of Jerusalem with St Teilo and St Padarn.  St David returned with a portable altar, a bell, a staff and a coat, gifts which according to Rhygyfarch worked great miracles.  The historical veracity of this tradition has often been contested but its… Read more »