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Wisdom of Yah Shuah Mari Yah

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Wisdom sings at the heart of the Church, unveiling the Bride of Christ hidden in the Holy of Holies.  She awakens union in the Bridal Chamber so as to communicate communion, gifts of Christ her Beloved in mysteries of glorification.  Wisdom sings through the heart of the Beloved Disciple, inspiring the Fourth Gospel which imparts illumination and glorification through revelation of… Read more »

Oneness, union and communion

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The beauty of holiness, which is glory, is union and communion with the oneness of the Name.  Glory is the healing oneness of the Name, embracing one and all in beauty of holiness through union and communion.  Oneness calls forth union and communion but is not heard until wisdom embraces the Name.  True hearing happens when wisdom bears witness, shema, to the Name, Shem, revealed on… Read more »

Fire, light and glory (1)

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According to Orthodox hesychasm, wisdom purifies the heart with the fire of light and glory.  Illumination is not therefore the reward for purification achieved without it, by ascetic effort alone.  Although elders speak of purification leading to illumination and to glorification, they know that without the grace of uncreated light, purification remains external.  Without the remembrance of God, the heart remains blind… Read more »

Grace of Glory

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The Apostle Paul transmits wisdom, which he calls the hidden wisdom of God, not as clever talk but as mystery of uncreated light opening to glory, as grace springing from illumination to glorification (see 1Cor 2:7).  For apostles and prophets, the criterion of sound wisdom is the Lord of glory, the wisdom of Christ crucified which imparts purification through resurrection,… Read more »

Philokalia and Glory

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Wisdom is not only love of beauty, philokalia, but is in love with beauty, wedded to glory that is beautiful and loves beauty.  Saint Denis sees this glorious co-inherence as wisdom’s vision of theadrocosmic radiance, a resplendent icon of divine beauty that embraces the cosmos with Christ’s divine-human glory.  Visible worlds are theophanies of invisible glory, but this is visible through Christ’s grace… Read more »

Dance of Glory

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If mankind is to avert climate crisis in time to save the planet, it is certain that there must be many profound and perhaps painful changes to the way we live but also to how we transform the way we live.  Each of the world’s wisdoms has its own way of expressing  and practicing this, but for all, it is crucial… Read more »

Wholeness in the Name

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The Holy Name is the mystery of mysteries, the sacrament of sacraments and symbol of symbols, no mere sign, but an integral symbol of the wholeness of being.    The Beloved Disciple transmits revelation of the Name without predicates in the Fourth Gospel, ‘Before Abraham was, I AM,’ (John 8: 58) and with predicates, ‘I AM the way, the truth and the life,’… Read more »