Oneness, union and communion

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The beauty of holiness, which is glory, is union and communion with the oneness of the Name.  Glory is the healing oneness of the Name, embracing one and all in beauty of holiness through union and communion.  Oneness calls forth union and communion but is not heard until wisdom embraces the Name.  True hearing happens when wisdom bears witness, shema, to the Name, Shem, revealed on Sinai with the Name ‘I AM,’ (Ex 3:14), so in the light of the ‘I AM’ theophanies of the Fourth Gospel, the SHEMA in Deut 6:4 can be translated ” ‘I AM’ is our God, ‘I AM’ is one,” or as ” ‘I AM,’ our God, is one ‘I AM.’ ”  This witness to the radiant oneness of the Name opens to ineffable glory that neither comes nor goes.  The prophet speaks in the oneness of God’s Name when in Isaiah 45:5, he says, “I am ‘I AM,’ and there is no other.  There is no God beside ‘I AM’ alone,”  and in Isaiah 42:8, “I am ‘I AM,’ that is my Name.  I will not give my glory to another.”  

The oneness of the Name grants union to all who witness to the Name, because the Name, Shem, and witness to the Name, shema, are one hallowed communion, one glory, one wisdom giving glory to God.    Turning, teshuvah, is expressed in Jeremiah 31:18 as “Turn me and I shall be turned, for Thou art ‘I AM’ my God.”  The prophet prays, “Turn me, and I shall be turned,”  hashiveni washuvah, which is a prayer addressed to God.  It is God who reveals his Name ‘I AM’, so it is God who turns us to see as we are seen, granting union and communion.   Turning to ‘I AM’ reveals the Name, pierces the heart in the grace of union, rends and opens the heart to communion with the oneness of the hallowing Name.

Oneness is revealed as glory when the Name saves.  The Kingdom of glory is a realm of oneness which the Father reveals as union in Christ and the Spirit unveils as communion through Christ with the Father.  This glory is the hidden energy at the heart of the prayer of the Name of Jesus, God’s saving ‘I AM,’ unveiling and unveiled.  God’s awareness, the divine ‘I,’ is ineffably one with his presence, the divine ‘AM,’ and this oneness of glory grounds all that there is in union and communion.  In God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ there is no wavering from the oneness of God, which is revealed in the glory of his Name.  Multiplicity and separation arise within oneness; they do not divide it.   Recognition hallows the Name; it does not create it, since the Name is uncreated.  There is no separation because the oneness of divine awareness is all-penetrating and the oneness of divine presence is all-encompassing.   Nothing wavers from the oneness of the Name unless it be the fall from glory, which appears to divide awareness from presence, ‘I’ from ‘AM,’ wisdom from glory.  All dualisms begin here just as all divisions dissolve here where union abides in communion with the Son.  

Union springs from oneness, which the Father shares with the Son by generation, just as communion springs from oneness with the procession of the Spirit from the Father.  The Father’s oneness grounds both union in Christ and communion with the Spirit, as the glory of ineffable openness, extending oneness as union in Christ to all, sharing communion with the Spirit in Christ with all.  The Father is the source of the union that abides in the Son through communion with the Spirit.  Triune oneness transmits its realm of light and glory as union and communion, preserving it from confusion and divsision.  Where ‘I AM’ dwells in undivided oneness, peace abides without confusion as union and communion.  

Union shares the wisdom of Christ with us as great perfection and communion with the Spirit as great completeness, oneness being the Father’s perfection of completeness prior to its differentiation as union or communion.  Elders transmit oneness through the Name as union with communion, handing on the tradition of unbroken triune transmission from prophets and apostles to the saints.  Enlightened awareness co-inheres with enlightening presence as God’s ‘I’ with God’s ‘AM,’ revealing the oneness of the Name.  Since union is great perfection and communion is great completeness, in the oneness of the Father there is nothing to renounce just as in union with Christ there is nothing lacking and in communion with the Spirit incompleteness bears witness to completeness.  Wisdom expands into glory as awareness into presence, revealing the ineffable oneness of the Name.  

Presence is ever-aware and awareness is ever-present in this wisdom and glory, oneness from the Father opening to union in Christ, oneness proceeding from the Father opening to communion with the Spirit.  God is ‘I AM’ unveiling oneness as union with Christ, received as oneness in communion with the Spirit, triune life shared with us as ineffable glory in expansive openness.  Within oneness, union and communion sustain wisdom and glory, beyond conditioned origination or duration.  Ever-present awareness does not come and go, nor is boundless awareness born nor timeless presence die.  There is nothing conditioned here to get hold of, any more than there is something created here that can be conditionally lost or found.  ‘I AM’ is Alpha and Omega, first and last, before origination and after cessation, oneness generating union and regenerating communion before the beginning and after the end.

Although the oneness of the Father grounds everything without exception, this was not recognised, except by the prophets.  Although union in Christ has been saving without interruption, it was not remembered, except by the apostles.  Even though communion with the Spirit has always offered healing to all, no-one was prepared to turn and see, except elders who awaken saints.  Oneness generates union and regenerates communion without obstruction in heaven so that through wisdom and the Name they are freely communicated on earth.  The saints bear witness to the Name so that its oneness is discerned by wisdom as union and communion.  Wonder receives God’s Name ‘I AM,’ revealing God as He is in glory, transmitting God as glory to the saints. The limpid purity of ‘I AM’ is uncreated and unconditioned, communicating the Father’s oneness unconditionally, sharing union with the Son without confusion and communion with the Spirit without division.   As wisdom bears witness, through the remembrance of God, unadulterated oneness grounds union and communion in the mysteries of Holy Trinity.  The names of God are many but the Name of God is one, imparting oneness as union and communion.