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Wisdom Song

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Wisdom song chants the revelatory Name, unveiling God at centre in the midst. Wisdom, turning awareness round, opens to glory ever-present, infinitely nearer than near.  Glory restores glory to God, purifying the heart, liberating glory from vanity. Vainglory reigns when confusion spreads division everywhere.  Dull darkness dims what dazzling darkness illumines, extinguishing stillness and love.  The Name whispers in the… Read more »

Golden Crowning

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Turning the light of awareness round awakens golden crowning, illumining awareness in the heart.  Heaven and earth unite in uncreated light, opening to uncreated glory. Illumination purifies the heart, revealing glory to the eye of wisdom.  The reign of glory first appears to be within us, but the glory of wisdom reveals the completeness of golden crowning everywhere, embracing everything…. Read more »

Ineffable Completeness

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God unveils ineffable completeness through Christ in the Spirit, embracing temporal incompleteness with the glory of timeless completeness.  If Holy Trinity is ineffable completeness, from whence came the fall?   Was the original sin God’s fall from completeness into incompleteness, evil, suffering and death, as Ivan Ilyin taught?   Or was the original fall from glory the fall of angels and… Read more »

Metanoia and Theoria

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The cultivation of metanoia, turning, upholds theoria, seeing, which awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, initiating seers into healing glory.  Theosis, deification, begins when metanoia turns awareness round and centres in God in the heart, seeing God, through God in God, Holy Trinity.  Vision of God, theoria, is not visual perception or imaginative visualisation but pure awareness of uncreated, originating presence,… Read more »

Realm of Grace

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God reigns serenely in the realm of grace indwelling the heart, free of the constraints of worldly ideology and imperialist mythology, guaranteeing the Orthodox wholeness of the body of Christ.  Kleptocratic criminality is infectious as it drags patriarchs and bishops into collusion with worldly powers, but the realm of grace remains Orthodox, being Christ’s restorative gift to saints, who offer themselves… Read more »

Wisdom of the Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross crucifies enmity, communicating boundless love, opening Christ to all, revealing Holy Trinity, sustaining Holy Orthodoxy.  The Church of Christ calls all humanity into wisdom’s embrace of the grace of Christ’s divine humanity, deifying creation with uncreated light.  In the Book of Revelation, the prophet-seer saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending in uncreated light of… Read more »

Recollected Light

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Turning the light of awareness round recollects uncreated light at centre, recognising the uncreated energy of glory in the Holy Spirit.  Pure being awakens within uncreated non-being when glory awakens, recollecting uncreated light.  The pearl of great price shines in the midst, turning awareness round to unite with God’s presence in the heart.  Tongues of fire speak clearer than words, renewing creation… Read more »

Infinite Openness

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Wisdom abides in the glory of infinite openness which is the mind of Christ in which the Spirit abides.  The Spirit does not waver from the mind of Christ, or dither between dualities but centres  where Christ is perfect freedom.  The glory of Christ is expansive openness, free from confusion and division, dissolving confusion into union, healing division with communion…. Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom liberates the uncreated energies of glory with freedom, hallowing the Name with every breath, inspiring every action and reaction with unrestricted freedom.  Stillness permeates inspired action because in glorification, it is the Spirit who is truly active, deifying the body whose actions do not then merely react with material conditioning.  Wisdom is unfettered and free of confusion, undivided by worldly… Read more »

Uncreated Creativity

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The uncreated creativity of Holy Trinity has an infinite imaginative capacity to create anew that co-creates with those whose hearts are unified with uncreated openness. Seers of the Name become saints in the unknowing freedom between known possibilities, liberating the known into unknowing.  The stillness of light is awareness of presence, peaceful and bright in the dreamless clarity of the awakened… Read more »